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Sick ultra high frequency (UHF) RFID in vehicle manufacturing

Ford's production plant in Saarlouis is manufacturing vehicle bodies, which adopts RFID technology for the electric suspension monorail (EHB) used in the transportation process. This attempt has been successfully launched, and can be extended to other areas of the production plant, and may even become a successful model for the whole company in the future

as the production lines of large automobile manufacturers are developing faster and faster, it is necessary to manufacture a variety of vehicles in parallel on the production lines. Therefore, transparency and repeatable tracking are becoming more and more important for automobile manufacturers

[in the future, this proportion of Saar of Ford company will continue to improve the profile of Louis automobile production plant

flexible production line

Saarlouis automobile production plant of Ford company, as an engine of economic growth, plays an important role in the economic development of Saarland, Germany. So far, Saarlouis automobile production plant of Ford company has produced 12million vehicles, and this number is still growing. Saarlouis automobile production plant of Ford company has the best efficiency in Europe And one of the automobile manufacturers with the strongest production capacity. Ford is also the largest labor position provider in Saarland. At present, Ford has 6000 employees, including the positions of parts suppliers of the group company. At present, 14 parts suppliers have settled directly in or near the industrial park of Saarlouis

the production line of Saarlouis automobile factory of Ford company is very flexible, and each production line can produce up to 5 different models of 28 kinds of cars. 80% of the cars produced by Ford Saarlouis automobile factory are exported to 80 countries in the world. In this way, the company's automobile exports account for 1/3 of the total automobile exports of Federal Republic of Germany. In Saarland, the cars produced by Ford are also very popular: the market share of cars produced by Ford in Saarland is significantly higher than the average.]

ehb uses RFID to control the delivery of auto body parts

in order to effectively control the electrical suspension monorail (EHB) that the manufacturer delivers auto body parts, Ford company has installed RFID devices developed by sick company, the manufacturer of sensor technology devices, in the steel structure of EHB of the company's production plant in Saarlouis since 2013. Dr. Klaus Schmitz, engineer and project leader of Ford company in charge of transportation technology, said: in order to transport auto body parts, we installed an rfu620 reader for identifying auto body parts in EHB. Because the production plant of Ford company in Saarlouis produces 1600 cars every day, which will generate a large number of various data. Therefore, in the future, we may be able to install plywood production lines for automobile body production lines and even EHB through EHB to transport accessories, and seamlessly form electronic documents from the plywood production line through the accessories of ground transportation technology devices

in this RFID project, one side wall of the EHB delivery vehicle body of Ford company's production plant in Saarlouis is equipped with an identification mark. In this way, the RFID chip obtains the relevant information of the four kinds of car bodies produced by the automobile factory, that is, the relevant information of the car body is obtained on the left or right side of the focus and C-MAX car body

the EHB used by this automobile factory to transport auto body parts is called so-22. In Ford company, a total of 80 hooks in the EHB of the car body manufacturing department of the automobile manufacturer are equipped with electronic data carriers. These electronic data carriers write and read the relevant information of the delivered car body parts on the rfu620 reader at five positions in the car body manufacturing production process. Here, the most important thing is to realize the perfect distribution of auto body parts on the production line. In other words, the hook of EHB should correctly lift the auto body parts it should transport, rather than transport other objects

Dr. Klaus Schmitz explained that the UHF (ultra high frequency) technology solution has an accurate action range of 20 ~ 30 cm, while the information reading and writing target of RFID identification device stipulates that the maximum distance is 1 m, which can meet the requirements of the production line. We are very confident about this. If we want to meet these requirements, we can imagine that this technology can actually be adopted in the main structure workshop of the automobile factory earlier, and even use general information media such as RFID identification device in the whole automobile factory, from the manufacture of automobile body to the provision of finished vehicles to end customers

richer than image processing technology solutions

the best technical solution to meet the challenges of comprehensive automatic recognition

in recent years, automatic recognition technology has not only greatly increased its scope of use, but also further stepped into the road of industry 4.0. At the same time, the functions of three-dimensional identification technology (radio frequency identification technology, camera assisted code reader and laser bar code identifier) are also developing continuously. The combination of these two developments has created a huge space for technological solutions

therefore, application thinking and evaluation, as well as technical and economic framework conditions, are necessary for selecting the best technical solution.]

application of rfu620 reader writer in Ford automobile factory

in order to meet the technical requirements of automobile body recognition in Saarlouis automobile factory of Ford company and meet the requirements of the best recognition and distribution rate of automobile body parts as far as possible, the partner of the project decided to use rfu620 reader writer, whose frequency range is 860 ~ 960 MHz. The device complements the combination configuration of UHF (ultra high frequency) technology products developed by sick company, and provides a reader with optimized medium scope of application and closely combined with the assembly operation of the car body of the Saarlouis automobile factory of Ford company. Klaus P bben, head of key data account of sick company, said: the numerous filtering functions and various connection possibilities make this technical solution a multi-faceted compatible solution. Moreover, SOPAS operating surface provides fast, flexible and simple integrated tools. The rfu620 reader/writer installed in the EHB of Saarlouis automobile factory of Ford company can provide the possibility that the automobile factory hopes to adjust the transmission power with a maximum range of 1 m, which is suitable for the information reading of the automobile factory. Here, the circuit of the reader/writer generates a uniform and symmetrical information exchange field, in which the auto body parts transported by each hook of EHB can be read and written

p bben pointed out: for example, in Ford company, because the RFID identification device has both a permanent memory and a backup of SD card, it becomes very convenient for the company to repair electronic equipment components by using such a device. Pbben believes that this is one of the many advantages of RFID identification devices in use practice. Previously, the Saarlouis automobile factory of Ford company had many kinds of systems for data storage, so it was impossible to implement a unified technical solution for electronic equipment maintenance

due to the function of adaptive energy monitoring, the sending function of rfu620 reader can be independently improved until it can read the auto body parts on the EHB hook. P bben said: it ruled out the possibility of detecting auto body parts on multiple hooks at the same time, which ruled out the potential possibility of confusion in the reading of auto body parts on hooks. Other filtering functions exchange the auto body parts on the hook with the determined data structure. The auto body parts on the hook can receive the signal of a certain signal strength, or exclude the information of detecting the same auto body parts on the hook multiple times in a definable time period

all these ensure the reliable data transmission performance of rfu620 reader writer in the read and write cycle. Rfu620 reader writer is a part of the sick platform idpro. On this platform, the equipment of the three technical departments that automate and study the development law of raw material industry at home and abroad can use laser scanners, cameras and RFID identification devices, and can exchange data with each other

quickly put into operation through intuitive guidance

RESA systems, located in saarwellingen, is responsible for the integration technology of the control technology devices of the production line of the automobile factory. Oliver 2, director of the automation project of the company, said that the data collection rate is too low. Biwer: Although the project of Ford company is complex, the project runs very well after connecting a second fieldbus system to the existing equipment. Previously, the intuitive SOPAS user operation panel was a major prerequisite for RFID identification devices based on five radio devices, but now this prerequisite has become the guarantee of Ford's project. The application of RFID identification device provided by sick company is clear at a glance, which once again simplifies the operation of the identification device on the production line of Saarlouis automobile factory of Ford company. Automation technology department, security system, image system and automatic identification system are integrated work composed of components provided by sick company. Over the years, RESA Systems Co., Ltd. and sick have established a close cooperative relationship in many jointly completed projects

the participants of the project are very satisfied with the trial operation of the RFID identification device produced by Ford Saarlouis automobile production interface, which plays the role of transferring load to fiber in composite materials so far. Dr. klausschmitz, head of the project of Ford company, said: from our perspective, we hope to control all the equipment of our automobile factory in the best and relatively economical way with the help of technologies such as RFID identification devices. For example, it can also include controlling the repair procedures of our automobile factory and the application of special equipment. In any case, RFID identification devices should be able to continuously meet new requirements. For example, if the RFID project is extended to the paint department of an automobile factory, and the RFID identification device is located near the car body in the paint shop for a long time, it must be absolutely resistant to high temperature

carry out high temperature resistance test on the RFID identification device of auto body parts

due to the above reasons, since the end of 2014, people have started a comprehensive high temperature resistance test on the RFID identification device of auto body parts on the EHB hook. If the test can be successful, it can be envisaged that RFID can also be used for control on the basis of the platform technology solution, which will realize the high flexibility of the entire production logistics operation process of the automobile factory, which will be a real competitive advantage factor for Ford company

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