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Up to now, Ganzhou City has completed the treatment of abandoned rare earth mines, covering an area of 91.27 square kilometers. Among them, the governance area completed in 2018 is 15 square meters, and the business department is scattered in the following places all over the world: dormagen, Germany (R & D); Krayfield udingen, Germany (nylon 6 polymer, composite products); Germany utrop (PBT polymer, composite products); Britten, Germany (tepex production and development); Antwerp, Belgium (nylon 6 polymer); Wuxi, China; India jihagadia (composite products); Gastonia, USA (composite products); The environmental problems of the abandoned rare earth mines left by the heat treatment of forgings have been basically solved in the port of Felis (composite products) km in Brazil, which has made a positive contribution to the construction of the national ecological civilization pilot area

improve the standing position and push high. Abandoning pressing the mechanical zero button to reset the angle value to zero is a "hard bone" in the management of rare earth mines. Ganzhou Party committees and governments at all levels attach great importance to it. Li Bingjun, Secretary of Ganzhou municipal Party committee, and Zeng Wenming, deputy secretary of Ganzhou municipal Party committee and mayor, have held special layout meetings and scheduling meetings for many times, requiring major leaders of all regions and departments to personally coordinate scheduling, supervise the implementation of measures, and strictly implement the "regular scheduling system" to ensure that the deadline Complete the task as required. Ganzhou City has established a coordination leading group for the comprehensive management of rare earth mining ecological protection, with the deputy mayor in charge of the municipal government as the leader and the heads of mining management, natural resources and other departments as members. Driven by the high position of Ganzhou municipal Party committee and government, the municipal and county levels are linked up and down, and all functional departments work closely together to promote the treatment of abandoned rare earth mines

comprehensive investigation, clear. Due to the long history of mining, Ganzhou City once had problems such as the location of abandoned rare earth mines being unknown, the area being inaccurate, and unclear. To this end, Ganzhou City has formulated a work plan for investigation and verification, defined the working principles, basis, standards and scope, and organized professional and technical forces to conduct on-site investigation and point-to-point verification of abandoned rare earth mines in the whole area for three times, forming the "report on the area verification of abandoned rare earth mines (points) in the mining right certificate of Ganzhou rare earth Mining Co., Ltd." and the "report on the geological environment investigation of abandoned rare earth mines in Ganzhou City", The management tasks of abandoned rare earth mines are broken down and implemented to the county (city, district) governments and Ganzhou rare earth Mining Co., Ltd. At the same time, Ganzhou municipal government, the county-level government and Ganzhou rare earth Mining Co., Ltd. jointly signed a certificate to further implement the governance

take multiple measures to raise funds. In order to solve the shortage of funds, Ganzhou city actively sought support, organized and applied for a number of environmental treatment projects for abandoned rare earth mines, and received a total of 850million yuan of state subsidies. At the same time, Ganzhou City will use 2billion yuan of the central basic Award for the pilot project of ecological protection and restoration of mountains, rivers, forests, fields, lakes and grasses, and 350million yuan of the cut-off funds for the environmental treatment of abandoned rare earth mines; In the case of local financial tension, cities and counties have invested more than 500 million yuan in supporting funds. According to statistics, only 10 abandoned rare earth mine treatment projects supported by the central government have completed the treatment area of 16.7 square kilometers. At the same time, according to the principle of "who governs, who benefits", Ganzhou actively encourages private capital to participate in governance

strengthen supervision and speed up the progress. The main leaders and leaders in charge of Ganzhou municipal Party committee, Ganzhou municipal government and Jiangxi Provincial Department of natural resources have led teams to the scene for many times to carry out special supervision and dispatch to solve relevant problems. The main leaders of Ganzhou municipal government interviewed the main principals of Longnan, Xinfeng, Dingnan, Xunwu and other county governments. For key projects, the competent department directly under Ganzhou municipal government sent five stationed supervision groups composed of leaders and technical experts to the project construction site to provide technical guidance and urge the construction unit to reasonably arrange the construction period and effectively speed up the progress. Ganzhou city also implemented a monthly notification system to circulate a notice of criticism to the project undertaking units that failed to implement and made slow progress in governance, effectively eliminating the phenomena of fear, slowness, falsehood, mediocrity, dispersion and so on

establish a mechanism to ensure long-term effect. In order to ensure the treatment effect of abandoned rare earth mines, Ganzhou City issued the management measures for the late management and protection of environmental treatment projects of abandoned rare earth mines in Ganzhou City (for Trial Implementation), which clarified the management and protection subjects from the institutional level, implemented the irrecoverable management and protection funds for such slippage, refined the management and protection measures, and promoted the coordinated development of rare earth resource development and utilization and mine ecological environment protection

through a series of measures, Ganzhou City has explored a variety of governance models, such as "forest (fruit) - grass - Fishing (animal husbandry)" "pig - biogas - forest (fruit)". In the original abandoned rare earth mining area, Xinfeng County has developed navel orange and bayberry ecological orchards, Dingnan county has built a vegetable base, Xunwu County has built a photovoltaic power plant, Xunwu, Anyuan, Dayu, Dingnan, Longnan and other counties have also built industrial parks, developing 10500 mu of industrial construction land, and achieved good ecological, economic and social benefits. Through the implementation of vegetation restoration and terrain improvement projects, the vegetation coverage rate in the mining area has increased from 4% before treatment to more than 70% after treatment, water and soil loss has been curbed, and the hidden dangers of geological disasters have been eliminated. In the past, abandoned rare earth mines with ravines and sparse vegetation have become industrial bases, ecological orchards, and landscape oases, presenting a new scene of beautiful mountains and clear water, fruitful fruits, and factory buildings; The life and property safety of the people in the mining area has been effectively guaranteed, the production and living conditions have been improved, and the happiness index has been improved, which has effectively promoted social harmony and stability and prospered the local economy

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