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Shanghai Pudong inspection and Quarantine Bureau helps caterpillar develop sidelights

Shanghai Pudong inspection and Quarantine Bureau helps caterpillar develop sidelights

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Guide: the ancients said: Although jade is beautiful, it lies between stones, which is not worth pondering, and is not different from rubble. Jade comes from the processing of art and lies in the endless creation. Just like an enterprise in Shanghai that has broad prospects but once faced production stoppage, it has come step by step from Pushi under the tempering of inspection and quarantine, and finally become a new industry

the ancients said: Although jade has beautiful quality, it lies between stones. It is not worth pondering, and it is not different from debris. Jade comes from the processing of art and lies in the endless creation. Just like an enterprise in Shanghai that has broad prospects but once faced production stoppage, it has come step by step from Pushi under the tempering of inspection and quarantine, and finally become a dazzling jade in emerging industries

Pushi is waiting for people to know

eight years ago, caterpillar remanufacture (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. quietly settled in Lingang New Town, Pudong, Shanghai. This recycling enterprise has opened the road of remanufacturing in China

at this time, China knew nothing about remanufacture. For three years, caterpillar visited 11 relevant departments and got the same answer: Policy blank. As the enterprise is in the stage of infrastructure construction, coupled with policy restrictions, production capacity can not be achieved at all, and this emerging industry is about to sink into the sea

after knowing that ordinary gear reducers in enterprises will also have several pairs of gears with the same principle to achieve the desired deceleration effect, the inspection and quarantine department has repeatedly demonstrated the risk points through many investigations and actively worked for the lifting of the policy. Under the background of the State Council's release of several opinions on accelerating the development of circular economy and doing a good job in the key work of building an energy-saving society, and on the basis of the letter of intent signed by the national development and Reform Commission and caterpillar, the inspection department of the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China (AQSIQ) instructed Shanghai Inspection and Quarantine Bureau to take caterpillar as the first pilot enterprise to explore remanufacture inspection and supervision in December 2007

as the executor of the policy, Shanghai Pudong inspection and quarantine bureau undertakes this responsibility. Since then, caterpillar is no longer lonely on the road of remanufacturing

In the face of complex situations, Pudong Bureau has carefully crafted a remanufacture supervision scheme suitable for the actual development of China for caterpillar

in fact, with the emphasis on sustainable development, "remanufacture" is no longer a new term. In short, it is a process of reprocessing the scrapped products and finally restoring them to be "exactly the same" as the new ones. This can make customers spend less money on new products, and prolong their service life at least twice, making profits and environmental protection, killing two birds with one stone. However, there has been no corresponding inspection and supervision mode for some of the most important cores. If we refer to the management of existing similar products, it is time-consuming and demanding, which cannot meet the actual situation

Pudong Bureau has experienced countless demonstrations from planning to the introduction of policies. It has adopted a new supervision method of "digitalization, multi-dimensional, video and interaction" for desertification control, slope ecological protection, soil erosion prevention and other fields, and implemented an all-round closed-loop management of core warehousing management, waste and sewage treatment with risks; The technological processes of core recycling, cleaning, reinspection, repair, assembly and so on were classified and assessed, and corresponding specifications were issued in the links of filing management, post arrival inspection, export verification and cancellation

in May 2010, 11 ministries and commissions including the national development and Reform Commission and the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine jointly issued the opinions on promoting the remanufacture industry, which clearly put forward the safeguard measures for the development of the recycling industry. The Shanghai municipal government also said that the development of the inbound recycling industry would be an important measure of "innovation driven, transformation and development"

with the careful polishing of inspection and quarantine, Caterpillar's remanufacture road has become more stable

entering the workshop of caterpillar Shanghai company, there are no roaring machines and rotating assembly lines, and there are only 30 workers. In a corner of the workshop, an inspector took out the black and dirty parts marked with "cat" (caterpillar) from a box, looked back and forth, and then put them in a large box behind him

this is the first remanufacturing pilot enterprise in China, which has devoted its 40 years of remanufacturing experience to every production link: after the recycled parts are inspected in the factory, it is hoped that inventions such as shred buddy can appear more and more on KickStarter and the market, be disassembled into the smallest individual, enter multiple rounds of cleaning, wash and re inspect, and send them to the repair area for repair as new parts of the same kind. Finally, the parts that have passed the inspection are reused for assembly into remanufactured products

for many non insiders, it is often mistaken that "remanufacture" is just a bluffing "gimmick" for renovation. In fact, "remanufacturing" can rebuild the parts that are close to scrapping into "brand-new Jinan Sida Testing Technology Co., Ltd., a famous domestic testing instrument and testing service supplier". The "remanufactured" products with many complex processes are almost the same as new products

"it's not repair or renovation. It's making the core into a new product and giving it a new life." One worker said

how can Meiyu show its edge?

Pudong Bureau realizes the comprehensive coverage of core remanufacturing technology with the supervision concept of "sparse" instead of "blocking". At present, compared with completely producing new products, the "reborn" products save 70% of raw materials, 60% of energy consumption and half of the manufacturing cost, and produce almost no solid waste. They can also reduce air pollution emissions by more than 80%, and promote the sustainable development of the environment

in September last year, the first "national entry reuse industry inspection and quarantine demonstration zone" was born in Lingang. The moment caterpillar took over the nameplate of the demonstration zone marked a new page in Shanghai's circular economy represented by the remanufacturing industry

the "management" and "sparse" honing of Pudong Bureau has greatly activated the import and circulation of core parts, and successfully reversed the situation of remanufacture in China. With the vigorous growth of business, on the basis of the continuous expansion of "horizontal" production capacity, the "vertical" production capacity is also being excavated in depth. Caterpillar has expanded its 7140 square meter plant and introduced the world's most cutting-edge nozzle remanufacturing project

in the past three years, the company has saved 560000 kwh of electricity, 47000 cubic meters of water and more than 2000 tons of greenhouse gas carbon emissions by reusing old products than by producing new products. Caterpillar's success brings a bright future for the remanufacturing industry and a strong support for building a resource-saving and environment-friendly society. Building Pudong's "inbound remanufacturing center" is no longer a dream

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