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Profile of the papermaking technology research and development center of the papermaking Institute

release date: Source: special paper professional committee

since its establishment, the papermaking Institute has been committed to the research and development of applied technology, which has promoted the technological progress of the papermaking industry to varying degrees in various economic development periods after the founding of the people's Republic of China and achieved fruitful results

since 2010, due to the constraints of resources, environment and other aspects and the intensification of market competition, industrial upgrading and structural adjustment have become the main tone of industrial development in China's paper industry. During this period, the papermaking technology research and development center of the paper institute came into being. Combined with their own technical characteristics and closely following the needs of the industry, they have successively carried out research on water conservation, emission reduction, efficient fiber utilization, household paper pulp preparation technology and other directions in the production process of pulp and paper

they adhere to the fundamental principle of improving the practicability of scientific research and technology achievements, go deep into enterprises to carry out scientific research work, and actively participate in the tackling of key technologies of enterprises on the basis of fully understanding the needs of enterprises, so as to promote the technological transformation and product upgrading of enterprises. At the same time, they will also bring the new technologies and achievements developed to the enterprise, and speed up the promotion, application and industrialization in the enterprise. "We hope that through the field research of 'real knives and guns', on the one hand, we can solve the technical problems that perplex the enterprise, on the other hand, we can timely find the practical problems that we can't touch in the laboratory, which can also promote our team training and technology training."

the starting point is good, but the actual process is full of difficulties. As we all know, enterprises pay attention to input and output, while scientific research is uncertain, so enterprises also take a cautious wait-and-see attitude towards scientific and technological innovation. Can the idea of process be accepted by the enterprise? Can the commissioning of the process bring the expected benefits to the enterprise? How can we gain the trust of enterprises and realize long-term cooperation? These problems are always in the hearts of the members of the center. While undertaking the heavy responsibility of research and development, they constantly self pressurize

success belongs to the brave and wise. They braved the pressure to face the difficulties, the price was cheap at the initial stage of cooperation, fully communicated with enterprises, carefully designed plans, and demonstrated in the laboratory from the perspective of multiple 4. Building foundations; During the implementation period, we repeatedly discussed with the enterprise technicians and operators, and constantly debugged. After countless times of running in, we finally found a way to cooperate with the enterprise. After more than ten years of efforts, the paper technology research and development center has successively provided high-quality technical services to many household paper related enterprises, such as Zhengda fiber science, Quanlin, Weida and Liwen, and created considerable economic benefits for the enterprises

going deep into the scientific research activities of enterprises is indeed a win-win cooperation. While serving enterprises, the center has accumulated a large number of technical reserves, mastered the needs and development direction of the industry, actively participated in the declaration of national projects, and continued to promote the research of Applied Technology with national projects as the carrier, laying a solid foundation for the follow-up development of industrialization. For more than a decade, the center has undertaken the national science and technology support plan projects and national key research and development plan projects of the "Eleventh Five Year Plan", "Twelfth Five Year Plan" and "thirteenth five year plan", mainly focusing on the research and development and industrialization of key technologies of water-saving pulping and papermaking, integrated technologies of pollution reduction in pulping process, clean pulping and papermaking technology, through the combination of production, learning and research among scientific research institutions, universities and enterprises, as well as the development, innovation, and Integration and industrial application have achieved good economic and environmental benefits. Among them, the research results of the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" won the second prize of scientific and technological progress of China Light Industry Federation in 2010. The center also attaches great importance to the research of new raw materials and the development of high-value application technology in papermaking. The relevant achievements involved in the research and development won the first prize of scientific and technological progress of China Light Industry Federation in 2018. At present, the center is committed to the development of paper lightweight technology. The application of research results will effectively reduce the consumption of fiber raw materials and production energy consumption of paper products, reduce logistics and transportation costs, and achieve efficient resource utilization, energy conservation and emission reduction

the paper tape gives mankind not only civilization, but also the crystallization of wisdom; Papermaking is changing from a polluting industry that everyone is worried about to cleaner production. There is a long way to go. The manufacturing statistics show that the paper technology R & D center will work with colleagues in the industry to jointly promote the development of the paper industry towards a modern large industry with high quality, low consumption, low emissions and low pollution

the papermaking technology R & D center can provide the following services for the industry:

1, lightweight production technology of cultural paper

2, lightweight paper quality (loose thickness, through printing) improvement technology

3, low weight paper (≤ 42g/m2) production technology

4, household paper raw material database

5, household paper pulp preparation technology

6 will provide optimal configuration for vehicle enterprises and users Household paper production process optimization and product quality improvement technology

7, wiping paper production process technology

8, high value utilization technology of lignin (preparation of vanillin, biomass carbon materials, etc.)

9, analysis and evaluation of pulp properties and sheet properties

10, analysis and evaluation of treatment effects of screening, beating, thermal dispersion and other sections and their impact on paper properties

11, evaluation of application effects of papermaking chemicals

12 Analysis and evaluation of filler performance and its filling effect

13, new product development and pilot production test


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