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Satellites are still "weaving" the era of the Beidou. It will take time

people living in metropolises will feel like blind people who can't walk without navigation when they go out. What makes people more unbearable is the blind guidance and disorderly guidance of silly navigation, "I always quarrel with navigation, and I'm so angry that I have a broken heart." Some friends said

"the navigation function can be accurate to within 1 meter, and can clearly locate the specific lane..." a few days ago, a "Beidou map app is expected to go online on May 1" quickly exploded the circle of friends. The report pointed out that this is a basic location-based service tool based on Beidou satellite precise navigation service, which can provide mobile, real-time positioning and navigation as well as location-based clothing, food, housing, transportation and business information services for the majority of users

in this regard, a friend expressed extreme excitement, "awesome, my Beidou". Some people say, "goodbye, American GPS". However, some people also expressed doubts about the relationship between Beidou map app and Beidou navigation? Did Beidou enter people's life from "" so soon

it is impossible for Beidou system to produce an electronic map

"Beidou map app has no direct relationship with Beidou satellite navigation system (BDS) in essence. Beidou map app is an application terminal software similar to Gaode map and Baidu map. Whether the map terminal software displays the positioning results of GPS or BDS depends on the hardware configuration of terminals such as GPS and navigator." On April 13, Dr. wangyongquan, chairman of Shanghai Sinan Satellite Navigation Technology Co., Ltd., said in an exclusive interview with science and technology

in this regard, Cao Chong, chief scientist of the China satellite navigation and positioning Association, said that the Beidou system is indeed related to the navigation electronic map, because using the positioning function of the Beidou system to realize navigation must be expressed in the form of a map. However, the formulation of the Beidou map is questionable. Because both Beidou system and GPS system use the same map, there is no Beidou map

on the difference between Beidou system and Baidu and Gaode, Xu Ying, a researcher at the Institute of Optoelectronics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and a young scientist of Beidou system, said that Beidou system and GPS are global satellite navigation and positioning systems, which are generally composed of satellites, ground stations and user terminals, and mainly provide location information, especially three-dimensional information such as longitude, latitude and altitude. Baidu and Gaode are map software, which mainly provide location-based value-added services, such as displaying locations, planning routes, providing congestion, etc. Its core is the map, which needs many means when drawing, such as remote sensing satellite, map observation vehicle, UAV observation, etc

"the Beidou system is a navigation system. Baidu or Gaode can use the positioning results of the Beidou system to output the position. The two are not at the same level at all. As for the Beidou map app, maybe it just gives the map the name Beidou map, just like the big bear map and the little bear map. It has nothing to do with Beidou Wei's successful acceptance of the star navigation system for this batch of products." Xu Ying said

seeing this news, Beidou of China's Beidou satellite navigation system official account can't sit still. On April 10, Beidou refuted the rumor through its official account that the functions of Beidou system are positioning, navigation, timing, and short messages. The functions of electronic maps such as Baidu and Gaode involving the Beidou system are only the positioning function and its derived location service function. As for the core map image in these electronic maps, it involves remote sensing satellite image acquisition and other technical means, which has nothing to do with Beidou system. "In other words, the Beidou system can only provide some technical support for electronic maps, and making the Beidou system produce a sub map that requires the wear limit of the parts of the experimental machine not to exceed 50% of the dimensional tolerance value, that is really impossible!" Beidou cried

the major satellite navigation systems are compatible with each other

currently, there are four major satellite navigation systems in the world, including GPS in the United States, GLONASS in Russia, BDS in China and Galileo in the European Union. Experts said that if we have to say the difference between Beidou and GPS, it is "Beidou is its own, GPS is American"

as a satellite navigation system independently developed by China, it has been 24 years since Beidou navigation was approved in 1994. In 2012, the 16th satellite of beidou-2 system was successfully launched. Two months later, the system was officially put into operation, covering the Asia Pacific region. At present, Beidou Positioning has entered the third stage, with a total of 31 satellites launched. It is expected that 35 satellites will be launched around 2020 to meet the global user services dominated by Asia

"technically, Beidou navigation system is very advanced. If GPS can complete it, Beidou system can also complete it; if GPS cannot complete it, Beidou system can still do it." Wang Dacheng, head of the Smart City Engineering Department of the Institute of remote sensing and digital earth, Chinese Academy of Sciences, said proudly

however, even so, Beidou said in the official account of China's Beidou satellite navigation system that the so-called "no GPS, only Beidou" in many reports "does not exist". Nowadays, satellite navigation applications basically adopt multi-mode mode. In other words, in order to make users have a better experience, the major satellite navigation systems are compatible and complementary to each other, so that users can enjoy uninterrupted positioning services. Beidou praises everyone's patriotism, but we still have to tell you the truth from facts

moreover, from the beginning of its construction, Beidou system has adhered to the concept of "China's Beidou, the world's Beidou". Beidou system is an open and inclusive system, and is willing to work with all satellite navigation systems in the world to benefit mankind and serve the world. At present, the Beidou system has been compatible and interoperable with GPS and GLONASS systems. Therefore, when you use relevant satellite navigation applications in the future, you should receive more signals from the system and have higher accuracy

Wang Yongquan said that the navigation accuracy claimed by the Beidou map app only means that the map itself may be more refined and accurate, rather than just using BDS and bidding farewell to GPS. In the future, all kinds of navigation terminals or professional equipment can use the signals of multiple satellite navigation systems at the same time to realize joint positioning or navigation of multiple systems, so as to provide users with more accurate and reliable positioning results. Compared with GPS system, BDS also has the function of message service. The user terminal of Beidou system has the function of two-way message communication. Users can transmit message information of 40-60 Chinese characters at a time. This function can provide certain communication services in some special environments

enabling urban management brings convenience to life

in fact, Beidou has been widely used in industry and national defense fields, such as precision measurement and mapping, power timing, intelligent driving test, precision agriculture, new UAVs and smart cars. Centimeter level high-precision positioning terminals based on Beidou satellite navigation system are playing an irreplaceable important "role". Beidou system's short message service can be damaged in base stations Send your position to the outside world without a signal. This won precious time for gold rescue in the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake

"in the next three years, more, bicycles, wearable devices and other terminals will use Beidou high-precision positioning services to empower urban management and bring convenience to people's lives." Insiders predict

actively strive for the country to lay out major innovation platforms and scientific and technological infrastructure for new materials in our province

in the view of Peng Ling, a researcher at the Institute of remote sensing and digital earth, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beidou satellite should be widely used by the public. At present, the cost is still relatively high, and the stable performance also needs to be further improved. Some insiders said that taking chips as an example, due to manufacturing process problems, if the GPS chip is 10 yuan and the Beidou chip is 30 yuan, enterprises should control costs. If they want to mass produce Beidou chips, how many enterprises are willing to spend this 20 yuan more

then there is the downstream user end. Although many Android brands, especially domestic ones, such as oppo, vivo, Huawei, Xiaomi, and so on, have been able to support the Beidou navigation system in recent years, apple, which accounts for a large share of the intelligent market, still does not support it, which may lead to embarrassing situations such as domestic ones cannot be used in foreign countries where the Beidou navigation system has not been covered, or apple does not adapt

in this regard, Wang Yongquan seems to be more optimistic, "taking mass navigation as an example, most of the vehicle navigation devices we use now support the joint behavior of GPS and BDS at the same time, but users can't feel it, and many people won't care which satellite system is used for navigation." Wang Yongquan said, "by 2020, with the completion of BDS global group, BDS will be fully compatible with GPS, GLONASS and Galileo systems, and will definitely be more widely used worldwide."

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Civil function of Beidou navigation system

personal location service: when entering unfamiliar places, you can use the Beidou satellite navigation receiving chip or on-board satellite navigation device to find the route you want to take

meteorological application: the development of the meteorological application of Beidou navigation satellite can promote China's weather analysis and numerical weather prediction, climate change monitoring and prediction, and can also improve the operational level of space weather early warning and enhance China's ability of meteorological disaster prevention and mitigation

road traffic management: satellite navigation will help alleviate traffic congestion and improve road traffic management. By installing satellite navigation receiver and data transmitter on the vehicle, the position information of the vehicle can be automatically transmitted to the central station within a few seconds. These location information can be used for road traffic management

Railway Intelligent Transportation: satellite navigation will promote the upgrading and transformation of the traditional transportation mode with a small sample size of patients. For example, in the field of railway transportation, the installation of satellite navigation terminal equipment can greatly shorten the interval between trains, reduce transportation costs and effectively improve transportation efficiency. Beidou satellite navigation system will provide high reliable and high-precision positioning, speed measurement and time service, promote the modernization of railway transportation, and realize the transformation from traditional dispatching to intelligent transportation management

shipping and water transportation: most of the various ships traveling in the world's oceans, rivers and lakes are equipped with satellite navigation terminal equipment, making sea and water transportation more efficient and safe. Beidou satellite navigation system will provide navigation, positioning and safety guarantee for water navigation ships under any weather conditions. At the same time, the unique short message communication function of Beidou satellite navigation system will support the development of various new services

air transportation: using the advantages of precise positioning and speed measurement of satellite navigation, it can determine the instantaneous position of aircraft in real time, effectively reduce the safe distance between aircraft, and even realize automatic blind landing in foggy weather, which greatly improves flight safety and airport operation efficiency. The effective combination of Beidou satellite navigation system and other systems will provide more security for air transportation

emergency rescue: satellite navigation has been widely used in search and rescue in desert, mountainous areas, oceans and other sparsely populated areas. In the event of major disasters such as earthquakes and floods, the key to successful rescue lies in knowing the disaster situation in time and arriving at the rescue site quickly. In addition to navigation and positioning, Beidou satellite navigation system also has the function of short message communication through satellite navigation

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