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Editor's note: at present, a series of new high-speed and high-quality inkjet printing equipment are changing the history of personalized printing and expanding the definition of digital printing. The first half of this article will introduce the characteristics of major brands of productive inkjet printers, and the second half will mainly introduce the current situation of the market. Now let's go into the world of production inkjet printers and see what happened there, and what we should do for these changes

they don't look sexy; We often regard them as small black boxes with strange shapes and inconspicuous address labels installed at the tail of the offset press. The higher the value of kn, the higher the rigidity (not easily twisted). They are marked as good laboratory machines. However, it is these production-oriented inkjet printers that bring color output capability of variable data to many printing houses and publishing houses. In addition to the low price, these inkjet printers produced by Versamark, jetrion, digital print and Videojet can not only print bar codes and address labels, but also pose a certain threat to indigos, igens, nexpressies and other established digital printers

although the printing capacity of these production inkjet printers has gone far beyond the scope of bar codes and address labels, their most common application areas are monochrome, large-scale variable data printing, such as address labels, bar codes, labels, lottery tickets and serial numbers. Bar code has no requirements for color, but there are still potential requirements for improving the productivity and efficiency of color printing in this market. Think about how to print color patterns on labels more accurately and how to improve the productivity of inventory managers (inventory pickers) in the warehouse

the major manufacturers of production inkjet printers are still active in the market they first created - the so-called "industrial" printing market, which is just the opposite of commercial printing. Although they have great advantages in this market, they have improved the functions of production inkjet printers from three aspects: output width, output quality and color printing capacity

versamark: color printing and high productivity

perhaps the company that best demonstrates this transformation is Versamark. As a former subsidiary of saiangel, Versamark has now become a division of Kodak graphic imaging group. The company has begun to produce the method that can be fixed and excluded: the reason for this is generally 1. After the software is reinstalled or the software registration information is lost, the inkjet address label printer on the paper receiving device of the offset press can add the information of variable data to the statically printed documents such as directories or letters while keeping the printer running at full speed

in the past period of time, Versamark has improved the printing quality of its "embossing" equipment, added more color printing functions, and increased the printing size. At the 2004 drupa exhibition, Versamark released its new print head, print head 91. This print head can print 9-inch wide color images at dpi resolution, and its maximum production speed can reach 500 pages per minute. This is a relatively slow speed for offset presses, but it is a big leap for printers. Kodak's nExpress digital printer can print 4200 A4 sheets per hour or 700 feet of color per minute; Xerox's igen can print 110 pages per hour, while HP indigo digital printer has an output speed of 66 pages per hour

versamark's print head is very flexible. It can be used as an additional device together with the offset press to print mixed static variables. At the same time, it can also be used as an independent printer. At present, it has three configurations: vt3000, vx5000 and vx5000e

Ron Gilboa, vice president of Kodak Versamark, explained, "as an independent system, these devices can improve people's operational efficiency because they do not need to move a printed copy from one machine to another."

Gilboa explained that the color printing ability of the label printer can make the printing factory and printing customers more efficient. For example, when printing bar codes for a kind of food, the printing factory can also print the whole trademark at the same time, including a four-color picture specially used to promote products in retail stores. Printing labels and barcodes at the same time means that you don't have to have a separate lithography workflow, and you don't need to keep an inventory of color labels

versamark's ability also creates more possibilities for cross promotion and cross marketing of products currently printed with indigos and igens. On the other hand, Versamark's color printing quality is slightly inferior to indigos and igens, and can only reach a resolution of 300dpi to 300dpi

Gilboa said, "our print head is suitable for printing live parts that contain variable data and have general requirements for color effect, such as statements, or live parts that do not have high requirements for color accuracy." Other applications of this technology include printing invoices, financial statements and coupons

schools in South Korea use Versamark printers to produce customized student assessment manuals. At present, a German newspaper in the United States uses Versamark to print a 40 page version of the newspaper for American subscribers, and on the same day, it will also use a rotary press to print newspapers for readers in Germany; For such short edition jobs that need to be printed in the United States, Versamark printers are more expensive than traditional offset printers, and they can also enable readers to get the newspaper of the day in time

jetrion: ready for revolution

three years ago, ink manufacturer flint announced the establishment of a new inkjet printer manufacturing company, mainly to provide services to customers in the direct mail and packaging markets. Its 3025 printing system is an address label printer, which can be installed on the paper receiving device of flexographic printing machine, lithographic printing machine, envelope inserting machine or distribution machine

3025 the variable drop technology of the system can make it reach 316 × The printing resolution of 526dpi is close to the printing quality of laser printer, and its printing speed can also reach 400 feet per minute. Although this speed is much slower than that of ordinary printers, it is still relatively fast compared with other variable data printers

the application fields of this technology also include the printing of address labels and the printing of variable images on food packaging to meet the needs of customers with different language backgrounds in different regions. The basic pattern on the package is printed by flexographic printing machine, but some of its component lists need to be printed in English, and some need to be printed in French or Spanish, so online inkjet printing system is needed. Jason Oliver, a spokesman for the company, said, "the 3025 system helps customers avoid the trouble of changing versions and other high-cost operations."

like other production inkjet printers, how should the construction engineering quality inspection center choose the concrete pressure testing machine? The simple and compact structure of jetrion system makes it very easy to install on a variety of equipment. They can also be installed on a group of (two or more) devices. In this way, the printing system with a controller can print a wider image. The imaging width of most inkjet systems is 9.6 inches, but the printing design width of jetrion system will reach 20 inches

Oliver said that his company will also launch a new color printing system, which can operate at a speed of 400 feet/minute, and can complete four-color printing in the process of one impression. The printing width can reach 9.2 inches, and the printing resolution is "close to the level of laser printers." It is understood that the price of this inkjet printer is also relatively reasonable, only 350000 US dollars

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