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Inner Mongolia introduced the production line of "rare earth modified MC nylon"

the signing ceremony for the introduction of rare earth modified MC nylon production line by Baotou Jingwei group of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region was held in NYLA CAS ton (nylcast) Company in the UK a few days ago

rare earth modified MC nylon is a project listed in the national high-tech industrialization demonstration project, and it is also a key project of industrial structure adjustment in Baotou city. This project is undertaken by Baotou Jingwei rare earth new material (Group) Co., Ltd., which is located in Baotou rare earth high tech Industrial Development Zone. The company is a joint-stock high-tech enterprise, mainly engaged in the research and production of rare earth synthetic materials and energy-saving new materials. It is the core enterprise of Jingwei group. The company has its own R & D center and a number of scientific research achievements. "Rare earth modified MC nylon" is their own intellectual property rights and has obtained the national invention patent for new products

rare earth modification technology is the first time that rare earth is applied to the modification of synthetic materials at home and abroad, and it is a major field in the field of rare earth applications. This project uses the method of rare earth chemical modification to add rare earth modification during the polymerization of MC nylon. Net news: on November 24, the agent has significantly improved the performance of MC nylon series, a new material with the largest consumption. It is the most energy-saving and the best use of energy among the existing materials, and its energy performance price ratio is the best. It can replace non-ferrous metals such as steel, copper and aluminum, and produce all kinds of pipes, bars, plates, gears, bushings, bearing shells, sliding blocks, sealing rings, etc. it is widely used in petroleum, metallurgy, machinery, electronics, chemical industry, transportation, light textile and other industries

the introduction of this production line is a public bidding by the bidding company of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. China business group is responsible for contacting and negotiating. After on-site investigation, it is finally decided to introduce the British nylac exclusion method: take out the plunger and re polish the production line of as ton company. British nylacas ton company is the world's most advanced supplier of MC nylon equipment. The introduction of this complete set of equipment marks that China's nylon production level will reach the world's advanced level across 2018, with a cumulative export of 1016000 tons of printed matter

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