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Production and sales of 20.25 million SAIC GM Wuling helped the high-quality development of Guangxi automotive industry

on July 11, under the joint witness of Liuzhou municipal Party committee, government leaders and the media, two new smart cars, xinbaojun rc-6 and rm-5, were successfully offline in SAIC GM Wuling Baojun base. As a result, SAIC GM Wuling has achieved a new historical record of 20.25 million complete vehicles, which has become another milestone in the process of industrial development in Guangxi

from the production and sales of 10million vehicles in 2013 to 20.25 million vehicles, it took SAIC GM Wuling only six years. In the past six years, the enterprise has closely followed the market changes, accelerated the research and development and iteration of passenger car products, and successively launched Baojun 310, Baojun 510, Baojun 360, Baojun 530 and other powerful models in the field of traditional vehicles; At the same time, two innovative products, Baojun E100 and Baojun E200, have been launched in the field of new energy According to the requirements of the test piece, "the second car in the family" is a new segment of the market.

in 2018, the domestic automotive market encountered severe challenges. As a leading automobile enterprise in Guangxi, SAIC GM Wuling has accelerated the pace of product transformation and service innovation. Colleagues who have comprehensively upgraded the passenger car marketing channel, higher quality brand-new products are also in full preparation. In April this year, the new Baojun brand was released and given The new gene of "youth, technology, networking, intelligence" and the products and services of xinbaojun will develop to the field of smart networking, The service concept of "creating a new life for travel" was put forward. At the same time, it was named as the first intelligent driving SUV of kedihua, and the new Baojun rs-5 was officially launched. With the smooth offline of the upcoming new Baojun rm-5 and new Baojun rc-6, the practice of enterprises in the field of intelligent connection has gone a step further.

"connecting users and symbiosis with users is the core task of our future development "Adjust the beam movement and change the output. Shenyang, general manager of SAIC GM Wuling, pointed out at the 20.25 million vehicle off-line ceremony that we need to establish a close partnership with vanadium raw material enterprises," embracing future technology and constantly launching upgraded products and services that meet user needs are the key to winning users. "

since 2002, the sales revenue of SAIC GM Wuling has increased from 3.8 billion yuan to 110billion yuan, with an annual compound growth rate of more than 25%, which has driven many internationally renowned suppliers in the whole industry chain to settle in Guangxi, and the effect of high-end industrial clusters has emerged. Since 2016, SAIC GM Wuling has achieved sales of more than 100 billion for three consecutive years. In 2018, the annual output value of the supply chain has reached 75.2 billion yuan, driving the total growth of the social economy by more than 770 billion yuan, directly and indirectly solving the employment of more than 200000 people

a breakthrough of 20.25 million vehicles in production and sales is a new beginning. Taking xinbaojun as the starting point, SAIC GM Wuling is actively laying out a new ecosystem of smart alliance, which will create a new gene of "youth, intelligence, science and technology, alliance", promote the deep integration of big data, artificial intelligence, interconnection and automobile industry, and continue to promote the high-quality development of Guangxi automobile industry

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