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The output of canned adhesives and sealants in wackon tricz production base has exceeded 500 million tubes

this is another reminder from the inspection and quarantine department, which is proud of all employees in wackon tricz production base: the output of canned adhesives and sealants in this chemical plant belonging to wack group in Munich in Saxony has exceeded 500 million tubes since it was put into operation in 1998

Tam á s Juh á SZ, an employee of wackon TRIZ factory, proudly displayed the 500million cans of silicone sealant produced by the factory. The chemical production base has belonged to Wacker group since 1998. This chemical plant in nonglitz has a long history. Mr. UWE scheim, who is responsible for the research and development of sealant in the factory, said, "this is the cradle of organosilicon chemistry. After the invention of M ü ller rochew synthesis method, Dresden inventor Richard M ü ller continued his research on this basis, realizing the transformation of organosilicon from laboratory scale to large-scale industrial production." In the middle of the 1960s, the first batch of silicone sealant has been produced by the nonglitz chemical plant. The brand of cenusil has a low degree of matching between the technological innovation of scientific research institutes and the needs of enterprises and the development of local industries

nutritz is the first base in the world to realize the whole process integrated production of silicone sealant. It can complete the whole production process of adhesive and sealant from metallurgical grade silicon grinding to packaging, and can fill products according to customer requirements, affix packaging labels, and then deliver. In addition to conventional sealants, nutritz also produces fire-resistant and food grade special products, as well as innovative and easy-to-use sealants α Silicone Hybrid of silane technology. In addition to nutritz, Wacker also produces organic silicone adhesive in China and South Korea, which is calculated according to formula (2): agent and sealant

in addition to production, the tasks of the staff of nutritz also include developing new sealant and adjusting the product formula according to the market needs, such as developing joint sealant suitable for humid environment and with antibacterial effect, as well as products that can meet the food level requirements and can be used to decorate the kitchen. The factory staff are experienced and have strict control over each raw material and each production step, ensuring that the products can always achieve high quality. People rarely see adhesives and Sealants with Wacker logo in building materials stores or artisans. Some industrial customers will order barreled sealant from Wacker according to the equipment requirements, and then divide the products into hard cans or long plastic bags marked with their own trademarks and brand names. Most customers decide to enjoy the complete set of services provided by the factory, that is, from production, to putting adhesives and sealants into hard cylinders printed with customers' trademarks, and finally pasting product labels and sealing boxes for delivery, all are completed in the factory. In some regions of Southeast Asia, products are also sold directly with Wacker logo. People can buy Wacker products of elastosil or geniosil brands in building materials stores or professional craftsmen

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