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Production lines equipped with programmable controllers

in different basic areas of life, from food to daily necessities, natural products are very popular. To make natural latex into mattresses and pillows, the manufacturing process also puts forward high requirements for the automation technology used

in the foam group company in Kanton Aargau, northern Switzerland, a manufacturer named neutex specializes in producing 100% natural latex mattresses and pillows. Now, their production capacity has been further expanded, and a new highly automated production line has been put into operation. When producing latex mattresses, enterprises should gradually mix detergent and vulcanizing agent with natural latex, mix them evenly in natural mixing tank (Figure 1), and finally put them into daily storage tank

according to the hardness of the required mattress, the continuous mixer delivers the required amount of latex mixing material for each mattress. The mixer stirs the natural latex to make it become a foam rich in a lot of air, and finally pour it into the mattress model (Figure 2). Driven by the chain drive mechanism, the cast model began to circulate in the two floors. After the mattress is divided and finalized, the elevator lifts the model, and the latex mattress is transported to the rubber vulcanization tunnel for curing. This step can make the latex mattress get its typical elastic structure. After that, another elevator will lift the mattress to the second floor and then send it downstairs. Two packaging workers will take the latex mattress with a temperature of about 80 ℃ out of the mold (Figure 3), and then send it to the next workshop for cleaning, drying and secondary vulcanization

the perfect combination of people and equipment

the production process of latex mattresses can only be completed in the process of good cooperation between people and equipment. Its itinerant turnover process has a total of 60 separate stations (Figure 4); Theoretically, these stations have a mattress pouring model almost every time. If a certain station delays during the whole tour, the whole production process will stop. If the mattress stays in the curing room for a long time, it may become a waste due to the long curing time - the mattress is too brittle and not soft. Even if the whole production line is stopped for only a few minutes, a whole batch of mattresses can be scrapped, and the mattress mold must be thoroughly cleaned, which takes time and effort. Therefore, in order to avoid such expenses, enterprises need a reliable automatic control scheme

Alfred Michel, the leader of neutex and the head of the equipment transformation project, said, "because we have successfully applied electronic technology in the old equipment, we still chose Flaach automation technology company in the selection of control system for this project." Flaach company is a professional manufacturer in the field of switchgear and console. Their technical services also include the software production of SPS programmable control system and visualization system

for the automatic production line applied to natural latex mattresses, Flaach automation technology professional company has determined to use SPS programmable controller, touch screen and frequency converter with OMRON company. The reason why OMRON inverter is selected is that many applications have proved that OMRON inverter is a solid, durable and reliable inverter. At the same time, the assignment of this product is very easy, and it can be connected to the upper Ethernet through DeviceNet Network. "This is very important for us, because there are 26 frequency converters in the circulation of pouring molds alone," said Patrik atzrodt, the head of electronic technology in the project team

in this application, the micro structure design scheme of OMRON frequency converter shows great advantages: because it allows users to use CX one in the programming and configuration environment of central control to operate SPS, HMI and drive system through the network, it can also establish the configuration scheme of sensors, configure parameters and write control programs. As a result, the configuration cost of the system is significantly reduced. For example, in the mattress production plant, all frequency converters can be controlled through DeviceNet Network, SPS programmable controller and Ethernet touch screen (Figure 5), and the current state of the mattress production line - the working condition, current, voltage, torque, etc. of the drive system can be displayed in time

the circulation of mattress pouring mold is the key core of this production line. In addition, the automation technology company has also established automatic control and visual control of natural latex storage containers, emulsification, chemical treatment, mixing and mixing, as well as mattress post-treatment and the whole cleaning equipment for this mattress production plant. Each production line has a cj1m series SPS programmable controller, a total of 7. Ten display screens show the working condition of the whole set of equipment (Figure 6)

neutex's production line is equipped with seven such cj1msps programmable controllers

"What we are satisfied with is not only the price quoted by Omron, but also the performance of its products. Omron's components are very reliable. Simply adjusting the settings can meet our special needs. The application of metal tensile testing machine in the mechanical property test of bolt fasteners can meet our special needs, and the product can be easily connected with 12. Host stiffness: 1*108n/mm. communication network through Ethernet interface", Mr. Alfred Michel said that many important production line control information can be clearly displayed on the touch screen, including the fault alarm of the production line, "For us, the equipment must have good operating performance, which is very important. All our control components have been studied with electronic technology experts through computer collection of test data. We hope to avoid all failures. In this way, once the production line breaks down, our operators can handle it calmly. These are very important to ensure continuous production 24 hours a day, 7 days a week."

sensors monitor the whole production process

in order to avoid the collision of the mattress mold in the process of itinerant conversion, neutex company uses 150 sensors to monitor the position of the mold movement. If the production line must be stopped briefly, the production line will automatically calibrate synchronously at the next start, determine the position of each mattress mold, and continue to turn around in the normal order. With the help of DeviceNet, the wiring workload of electrical control is significantly reduced, and the long and wide dimensions make it a candidate material for liquid sample containers: there are many sizes to choose from, about 40m × In the whole production line with a height of 6m and a height of about 5m, the length of all cables is only a few kilometers. All sensors and signal transmitters adopt a decentralized configuration mode, and use the intelligent distributed i/o system called smartslice to gather together for communication. Three field distributor boxes are installed in the whole set of equipment. In these distributor boxes, all smartslice intelligent distributed i/o systems and frequency converter control systems can be connected with DeviceNet Network. SPS programmable controller can connect the whole device with Ethernet, so that enterprises can omit the time-consuming and laborious point-to-point cable connection

neutex company is very satisfied with the decision of automation technology experts and the use of Omron's components. At the same time, the company is willing to use their products again at any time. In addition to the reasons mentioned above, another point is also very worth mentioning: Although there are some changes from time to time during the implementation of the project, the control technology solution has never been affected, and many supplementary improvements have been made, such as adding a frequency converter to the system. After using DeviceNet Network Technology, everything is easier

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