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The production cost rises sharply, and the market prospect of infusion glass bottles is worrying.

under the environment of sharp rise in production costs, large infusion enterprises finally can't sit still

on July 16, the heads of major domestic infusion enterprises, including Shandong Lukang Chenxin, Shijiazhuang siyao, Hunan Jinjian, Anhui Lu'an Huayuan, Shandong Qidu, rushed to Guangzhou to discuss the current situation of the industry and a new round of price increases

the impact of the price problem encountered by large infusion on the whole industry is emerging. Many enterprises have adjusted their product structure and switched to flexible packaging infusion with greater profit margin. "Why did they suddenly come to Guangzhou to hold this meeting? It's because the situation is too urgent." Anhui Lu'an Huayuan system only indicates the relative size of hardness between the grades. A person in charge said that at present, the purchase of drugs in Guangdong is under way. If the shortlisted price last year is still referred to, the price of ordinary infusion products such as glass bottles may be inverted

"we call for a certain price increase in consideration of the actual increase in the cost of large infusion products in the first half of this year. This must be done collectively by many enterprises." The sales manager of Shandong Qidu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. told the pharmaceutical economic news

costs continue to soar

the large infusion industry is facing a new round of cost increases

in the past few months, the price of butyl rubber raw materials increased by 230%, from more than 30000 yuan/ton to more than 120000 yuan/ton; Polypropylene raw materials rose 53% from 1. From 30000 yuan/ton to 20000 yuan/ton; Non PVC film increased by 10%, and glass bottle price increased by 20%. Take a 250ml glass bottle as an example, from the original 0. 30 yuan/piece, up to 0. 36 yuan/piece; The price of packing carton increased by 24%, and the standard carton increased by 2. 90 yuan/piece, up to 3. 60 yuan/piece. In addition, almost all the costs of oil, electricity and gas required for production are soaring

especially after the rise of oil price in June this year, the transportation cost of large infusion products increased by 25% - 30%

in fact, the price of large infusion products is still at a low point. Some enterprise representatives said that despite a round of price increases last year, the price of ordinary infusion is still lower than that of mineral water. Taking 100ml ordinary infusion as an example, the price delivered by the manufacturer to the local distributor in Guangzhou is only 0. 95 yuan. In this case, many manufacturing enterprises are facing a serious development crisis, and small enterprises such as multimeters and oscilloscopes will also face a survival crisis

Bidding forms a price ceiling

"generally speaking, after the cost of upstream products rises, the sales price of downstream products should also rise, but the bidding rule is' not higher than the bid winning price last year ', which is equivalent to the price of downstream products being blocked and squeezed at both ends, which will inevitably affect the entire industrial chain." The representative of a pharmaceutical commercial company in Guangzhou made such analysis

it is reported that at present, a new round of drug pending procurement in Guangdong Province in 2008 has been carried out in a calm situation. On July 20, the key price negotiation and quotation link will be entered, which is a critical moment that truly affects the fate of manufacturers and dealers. For production enterprises, if they are willing to accept last year's bid price, they will be automatically shortlisted; If you intend to increase the price, you have to enter the man-machine dialogue link and face the negotiation with experts, which is not a small risk

the industry will not forget the price shopping in the bidding process in 2007. Judging from the bidding results of three or more manufacturers in the bidding group at that time, the average price reduction rate of the shortlisted varieties was 40. 39%, of which the price reduction rate of market regulated varieties is 20. 00%。 The decline was so great that even the staff of the bidding office were surprised. However, the subsequent facts proved that this rational price reduction without the pressure of target customers and vehicle costs, lightweight requirements and other requirements did not bring any benefits to patients - because the prices of many varieties were too low, no enterprises were willing to supply, resulting in a clinical shortage of some cheap drugs

"for the same variety, if we accept the shortlisted price last year, but some enterprises have obtained price increases in the human-computer dialogue link, it is unfair to us.

" the sales manager of a pharmaceutical enterprise proposed that the bidding office should uniformly increase the shortlisted price of infusion products according to the CPI increase this year

participating enterprises said that taking 100ml basic infusion as an example, the bid winning price last year was 1. 34 yuan, at least 1 this year. More than 45 yuan is reasonable

enterprise representatives agreed that if the price was not adjusted, no one would be willing to supply after winning the bid. Such a situation had occurred last year. Last year, 100ml basic infusion won the bid at the beginning. This article comes from Zhonghua packaging bottle. The price is 1. 20 yuan, and then because of the rising cost, no one was willing to supply, and then Guangdong pharmaceutical procurement center raised the price to 1. 34 yuan. "It's better to adjust the price in advance than wait for the product to be out of stock. On the premise that the cost increases year by year, the rule of referring to last year's winning bid price for procurement is unreasonable in itself, and the increase of CPI should be considered and adjusted year by year." Proposed by a representative of an infusion enterprise in Hunan

consequences of price inversion

if the bidding is still based on last year's winning price, there will be price inversion. As a result, there will be a situation that large infusion product manufacturers are unwilling to produce and dealers are unwilling to sell. Some varieties will definitely be in shortage. Even if the price is lower, consumers will not enjoy benefits

in fact, thousands of varieties were unavailable in Guangdong Province in 2007, and the purchase prices of amoxicillin, Cefradine and other generic drugs were higher than the bid price. The sharp rise in pork prices has pushed up the price of drugs based on animal viscera

the impact of the price problem encountered by large infusion on the whole industry is emerging. It is reported that many large infusion enterprises, including Anhui Fengyuan, abandoned the Guangdong market last year, while more enterprises are adjusting their product structure, gradually giving up non profitable ordinary infusion products and switching to flexible packaging infusion products with greater profit space. The manager of Anhui Lu'an Huayuan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. in South China told the pharmaceutical economic news that they were reducing the production line of glass bottle infusion

previously, experts in the infusion industry generally believed that from the experience of foreign markets, it is a trend for flexible packaging to gradually replace glass bottles. Glass bottle infusion has many shortcomings, such as difficult transportation, inconvenient use, insufficient environmental protection production, etc., but I didn't expect the replacement to come so quickly. On the one hand, with the increase of national medical investment, residents' drug use level has gradually improved, and flexible packaging infusion has been transformed from the original high-end products to common products; On the other hand, with the production cost of plastic bottle infusion decreasing year by year, the gap between its retail price and glass bottle is narrowing. Once the price falls to a certain range, it will speed up the market popularization. "Another important reason is that the price of glass bottle infusion is likely to be inverted first, accelerating the pace of being replaced by flexible packaging infusion." An industry expert predicted

at the same time, the principle of price inversion experiment: it will also make some enterprises try their best to reduce costs, such as shrinking the mouth of infusion bottles and using low-grade packaging materials in order to save butyl rubber plugs, which is detrimental to the guidance of the whole industry

an enterprise personage even said that the Guangdong market is gradually changing from the original high-end market to the low-end market full of a large number of varieties of small and medium-sized enterprises due to excessive emphasis on price factors

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