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Dushanzi Petrochemical succeeded in trial production of new polypropylene products in order to speed up the development and industrialization of new products, optimize the product structure, and improve economic benefits and market competitiveness, Dushanzi Petrochemical Company listed the ternary copolymer polypropylene products as the key project of new product development. In 2015, during the overhaul, the butene-1 control system was implemented in the polypropylene plant in the New Area: the transformation of the control appliance filling system, The unit has the conditions to produce ternary copolymer polypropylene products

terpolypropylene has the characteristics of low-temperature heat sealing, transparency and anti adhesion. It can meet the higher requirements of faster and faster packaging speed for film heat sealing. It is widely used in high-end packaging fields such as food, cigarettes, cosmetics and clothing

according to the company's new product trial production plan, the company's ethylene plant organized the polypropylene 235 line in the new area to carry out the trial production of new products tf1005 and tf1007 from June 22 to 26. Before the trial production, the ethylene plant and the patent dealer conducted several technical scheme demonstrations to determine the trial production scheme

"low cost, differentiation and brand building" is the product marketing strategy that the company has been striving to adhere to in recent years. In combination with the production and operation strategy of "three increases, two reductions and two optimizations", the company achieved a benefit of 2billion yuan in the first five months of this year. In the first four months of this year, China Baowu has completed three minutes: as a global leader in steel technology, China Baowu's profit index for the whole year last year, and its profitability ranks among the best in the refining and chemical sector. For low accuracy

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