Successful trial production of new screw reducer o

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The trial production of new screw reducer of XCMG transmission parts is successful

the trial production of new screw reducer of XCMG transmission parts is successful

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after careful research and development and process design, XCMG transmission machine requires operators to carefully remove dust from the equipment The screw reducer hnr03s, a new product with independent intellectual property rights jointly developed by clean Machinery Co., Ltd. and XCMG schweiying Co., Ltd., has successfully realized small batch trial production recently. The successful trial production of this product indicates that XCMG has made another breakthrough in its core technology

XCMG hnr03s screw reducer applies modern design means such as finite element analysis and optimization design. Generally, the main engine requires helical gear and small clearance transmission at the relatively low point, the reducer case and gear shaft are strengthened, and the output shaft is sealed with multiple labyrinth seal boxes, which significantly improves the bearing capacity, greatly reduces the noise, and further improves the service life

the bearings and oil seals of this product adopt international matching, which makes it reach the domestic leading level in terms of technical level and reliability. This product has the advantages of strong adaptability to working conditions, good maintainability and high working comfort. It is suitable for large-diameter spiral conveying in concrete mixing plant. It can replace the imported spiral reducer, which is not cup-shaped, and add strong power to XCMG's main engine plant

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