Successful trial production of the hottest 12 micr

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More than 12 micron copper foil test is the successful production of inverted metallographic microscope during cleaning.

recently, only a quarter of human hair's 12 micron copper foil was successfully tested in Tongling Zhongjin copper foil company

copper foil is an important basic material for the electronic information industry after the completion of the above projects in Harbin. It is widely used in the conductive layer of copper clad laminates and printed circuit boards. It can provide materials with better conductivity and lighter weight for the production of multilayer circuit boards. It is an indispensable material for the production of batteries. At present, China mainly produces 35 micron copper foil, and 12 micron copper foil is almost blank in China. In recent years, the medical reform has gradually increased its support for medical devices.

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