Successful trial production of the hottest lignin

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On the eve of the Spring Festival, the 20000 t/a lignin based phenolic resin demonstration production line developed by the Institute of forest products and chemical industry of the Chinese Academy of forestry has been successfully operated for one month, and the product performance has all reached the national standard, which means that China has made great progress in using cheap renewable lignin to replace toxic phenol to produce phenolic resin adhesive

this demonstration production line was built in Jilin Songyuan Bairui biological polyol Co., Ltd. at the end of last year. Dr. wangchunpeng from the Institute of forestry and chemistry of the Chinese Academy of forestry, who participated in the technical research, introduced that enterprises with lignin processing conditions or currently producing phenolic resin adhesives can produce lignin based phenolic resin through device transformation. At present, the market price of phenol is 14000 yuan/ton, while the price of lignin per ton is several thousand yuan. Processing and producing lignin based phenolic resin is more economical than petroleum based products. The successful commissioning of the 20000 t/a lignin based phenolic resin demonstration production line marks that China has broken through many technical problems, such as the efficient preparation of the lignin based phenolic resin adhesive with embedded single-chip microcomputer combined with Nike and the renewal of the contract between the Ministry of education of China, the gradual copolymerization of lignin based phenolic resin, and the residual control of low free phenol formaldehyde, and has realized industrial technical verification

this project is a technical extension of the national "863" project biomass based polymer new material technology and products under the auspices of the Institute of forestry and chemical industry. The technology adopted has completely independent knowledge of the jaw clamping method, which provides a new way for the efficient transformation of plant straw components and the resource-based deep processing and utilization of lignin, and promotes the development of environmental friendly wood adhesives in the wood-based panel industry

it is understood that the Institute of forestry and chemistry of the Chinese Academy of forestry and Jilin Songyuan Laihe bioenergy CO., Ltd. began technical cooperation in 2009 to study the replacement of traditional fossil materials and petroleum derived chemicals with high-purity lignin and cellulose as bio based materials. Songyuan Laihe company is a high-tech enterprise engaged in the research on bio refining of corn straw raw materials and the development of high-performance biomass materials. They took corn straw as raw material, adopted integrated patent technology with completely independent intellectual property rights, and began to work on the component separation and directional refrigeration system for straw. While making full use of straw hemicellulose to produce butanol, they produced high-purity lignin and cellulose with excellent characteristics, and used them as raw materials for the production of biomass based polyether polyols and phenolic resins. The proportion of lignin substituted phenol in the lignin based phenolic resin developed by them is as high as 60%, and no complex purification of lignin is required

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