Successful trial dyeing of new fiber of the best c

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Successful trial dyeing of new fibers of Demian Co., Ltd.

recently, the trial dyeing of jadeite fiber and soft silk fiber independently developed by Shandong Demian Co., Ltd. was successful

emerald fiber has the softness of bamboo fiber, the comfort of cotton fiber, and the yarn has a certain elasticity. It is a good material for making top-grade clothing fabrics. The soft silk fiber has good luster, soft and delicate feel, which is similar to real silk. The original yarn is white, and the color is bright and deep after dyeing. In order to ensure the smooth dyeing of indication error affected by friction and not damage the characteristics of the fiber, the company ensures the dyeing effect of the two new fibers from the aspects of process design and dyeing method, which can produce fatigue state, so that the two new fibers can successfully achieve the AMG3 color of Germany

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