Successful trial production of the latest corrugat

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Successful trial production of the new corrugated board machine

Changzhou Roland printing and packaging equipment Co., Ltd. has studied and designed a new printing, slotting and die-cutting machine according to the original

principle of standardization, serialization, generalization and unit modularization, and has successfully trial produced it

this model is not only different from the domestic ordinary model, but also different from the domestic imitation model. It has the price of the ordinary model and the performance of the imitation model. It integrates the unified manufacturing standards and parts to form a unique module combination system. The structure of the experimental machine is simple and reasonable. Theoretically, these parts can complete various functions, various types of hypotheses and numbers, and various measuring accuracy. The fundamental characteristic of the hydraulic universal experimental machine is that it can complete the combination of large tonnage and various grades at low cost

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