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Successful trial production of Jiangsu Jingliang plastic matting masterbatch recently, Jiangsu Jingliang Plastic Co., Ltd. conducted a two-day trial production and successfully produced the first batch of matting film masterbatch in our county, marking the initial formation of a complete industrial chain of the plastic film industry in our county from masterbatch production, film production to downstream film application. It is expected that the matting masterbatch will be widely used in the future. The annual output of polystyrene board (EPS, XPS) is much lower than that of polyurethane (PU), accounting for about 25% of the production capacity of fine plastic masterbatch. It is the core product of fine plastic. The success of this trial production shows that the sophisticated plastic power and equipment are running normally and can meet the daily production, laying a solid foundation for the next step to continue to debug the equipment, optimize the production environment and carry out large-scale production

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