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In today's home decoration, ceiling and background wall decoration has become an indispensable part of indoor home decoration. It can not only have the effect of sound insulation, but also beautify the space, so it is deeply favored and liked by everyone

in terms of the current market, the integrated ceiling has entered more and more people's families, and everyone's acceptance of the integrated ceiling is also getting higher and higher. At the same time, a product called "whole house ceiling" has appeared on the market, which has troubled the majority of consumers. What is the connection between the two? What's the difference

the concept of whole house ceiling was born in 2013. It is a new type of ceiling and new industry. Some people doubt whether the ceiling of the whole house is good or not, and whether it is worth installing

I. what is the ceiling of the whole house

living room integrated ceiling: the whole room ceiling is a modular and artistic ceiling specially developed for the living room space (living room, bedroom, study, restaurant). The whole room ceiling products all adopt new environmental protection decorative materials and have the characteristics of modular quick installation structure. The whole room ceiling products include: Living room ceiling, dining room ceiling, bedroom ceiling, study ceiling, aisle ceiling and other whole room space ceilings

second, is the ceiling of the whole house good

integrated ceiling is actually not a new thing. Long ago, some brands integrated lighting, exhaust and other systems into one, and launched functional integrated ceiling, mainly in the kitchen and bathroom. In the past two years, the integrated ceiling has stepped into the whole house, expanding from the traditional kitchen and bathroom to every space of home life such as the living room, study, aisle, restaurant and leisure balcony, and showing a variety of life art atmosphere

the ceiling of the whole house obviously tends to combine the needs of consumers for home decoration, integrating decoration, lighting and ventilation, and providing consumers with a stylized overall home decoration ceiling solution

third, the ceiling of the whole house has become a new trend, and the combination of various modules is more flexible.

as the ceiling of the whole house extends to the space outside the kitchen and bathroom, it brings more lifestyle categories into the product chain, from the ceiling to the TV background wall, from basic appliances to integrated appliances, forming a huge integrated product group

at present, the ceiling of the whole house mainly adopts modular components of aluminum gusset plate (ecological materials, new composite materials and other non-metallic plates), which divides the traditional ceiling into several functions, and makes a breakthrough in the product structure. Consumers can freely choose and match the ceiling, lighting, ventilation, sound and other free combinations on the special keel and suspender, which is simple and easy to install, flexible layout and convenient maintenance, It also has the characteristics of free movement and re combination, which not only improves the aesthetics, but also enhances the practicality

fourth, the style is diverse, and the secondary decoration is not a headache

in the past, most of the integrated ceiling appeared in front of the public in the simplest shape, that is, most of them can be classified into the modern simple style. After all, the top of the kitchen and bathroom space does not need to be too fancy. After extending to the ceiling of the whole house, the situation is different. In order to adapt to the current various bedroom styles, the trend of style diversification of the ceiling of the whole house is taken for granted

at the same time, a small number of families will choose to buy new furniture again, facing the problem of changing the style of soft decoration, so owners are worried about whether the style of ceiling background wall is compatible with that of furniture. The ceiling of the whole house pays more attention to the overall unity, and the installation and disassembly are more convenient. The ceiling and background wall can be re designed

on the basis of the integrated ceiling, the whole room ceiling has launched four style series: modern, Chinese, classical and simple European. Through the comprehensive and reasonable combination and change of materials, colors, shapes, structures, functions, accessories and high-tech elements, the decoration effect of the whole room is stronger, and the consistency with the home space in hue, style and other aspects is higher

v. what is the difference between the whole house ceiling and the integrated ceiling

from the perspective of space: the traditional integrated ceiling is the module of lighting, ventilation and heating, which is only aimed at the kitchen and bathroom, while the whole room ceiling is the integrated ceiling that breaks through the space limit. It is divided into living room ceiling, dining room ceiling, study ceiling, kitchen ceiling, bathroom ceiling, aisle ceiling, balcony ceiling and all other home space ceilings

from the perspective of style, the traditional integrated ceiling is tiled from the bottom to the kitchen, bathroom and restaurant background wall; while the ceiling of the whole house has four different styles for consumers to choose, including simple European, Chinese neoclassical, modern and pastoral series. Simply put, it can be installed in every corner of the home space, so that the overall space aesthetics can be perfectly presented, and can meet the consumption desire of consumers

from the perspective of engineering decoration: the traditional integrated ceiling can only be used in the kitchen and bathroom of Engineering hotels, but the ceiling of the whole house can meet the desires of different consumers. Hotel halls, office spaces, clubs and various projects can be customized. It can completely make up for the shortcomings of the traditional integrated ceiling, such as improper, atmospheric and space constraints

to sum up, the ceiling of the whole house is an extension of the integrated ceiling in space and function. Whether to choose the integrated ceiling or the ceiling of the whole house depends on the consumer's own demand conditions





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