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Nowadays, "xiaoqingxin" has become a cultural phenomenon, which is related to the post-80s generation. In connection with the growth background of the post-80s generation: when they study in University, college enrollment is expanded and tuition fees soar; they have to find their own way out of employment, and social pressure is unprecedented; entering the new century, China's social transformation is accelerating, and they are trapped in a busy urban life. In this case, they choose the literary form of "xiaoqingxin" in the hope of finding a settled soul A way to relax yourself

the original design of cabinets in China has always been a weakness. Most of the designs originated from foreign countries have become their own works with a little modification. Why don't we spend our time creating works by ourselves when we are looking for reference works all over the world

it is understood that at present, most of the cabinet consumer groups with the post-80s generation as the group prefer fashionable and beautiful cabinets, among which the paint cabinet is particularly popular. And the small fresh cabinet is to add aesthetic and fresh elements on the basis of fashion. What are aesthetic and fresh elements? According to insiders, there are many elements and materials that can be used in cabinet design, and the key lies in the choice of hue and the use of color. Small fresh style cabinets must be dominated by warm colors and light colors, giving people a quiet and warm feeling. Some artistic elements can be appropriately added to make the whole work more artistic

in recent years, the appearance of wallpaper has made the style of home decoration more diversified. Like wallpaper, the small and fresh style covers a wide range of elements, and even the same color and material have a variety of changes. So to create such a small and fresh style cabinet, you don't have to worry about imitating the popular phenomenon. Even if the market is really full of fake works, there is no need to lose heart, because this happens to illustrate the popularity of the small fresh style from the opposite side, which also means that the cabinet products you design can be at the forefront of the industry and lead the industry trend, and you can completely let other competitors follow your footsteps

whether there will be small fresh style cabinets in the future depends entirely on the designers sitting in front of the computer





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