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1、 Randomly seek advice from the staff. Home decoration is an emerging industry in China, and its complexity is far more than public works decoration. It is difficult to find a real expert in society. Even people who have worked in public works for many years often have a vague understanding of home decoration, and some ideas are not necessarily on the point. There are also some fake experts who often give crooked ideas. So don't mess up your position by looking for staff. It is a good way for the customer to consult a pedestrian from the beginning of the negotiation until the end of the project. Two people can complement each other. However, if the construction has been started for a period of time, a so-called expert is suddenly found, who knows nothing about the contract, budget and plan. After coming in, you will find contradictions if you irresponsibly pick faults. Because any defect should be based on the original contract and budget. 2、 Construction medium frequency transformer scheme. As the problems of home decoration, own house and future use are not fully understood, customers often think about the scheme while constructing, and it is inevitable to change the scheme. However, some customers don't have their own ideas. Today, they see Zhangjia's plan is good. Tomorrow, they think the Li family's plan is good. They have ideas every day and the plan changes every day. There are frequent contradictions between the two sides due to the delay in work, the cost of materials and the demolition and modification of the construction team every day. Therefore, it is best to change the scheme before the implementation of the scheme. If the plan has been implemented, be sure to handle the negotiation procedures with the construction team to try to avoid undue unhappiness during construction or construction acceptance. 3、 Negotiation pursues perfection. Due to the defects of the building itself, the amount of customer investment and the construction level of the construction team, any home decoration can not reach a perfect level. However, in order to receive orders, some construction units exaggerate the scheme and introduce users into misunderstandings. On the contrary, the project is not ideal. 4、 Desperately press the low price. Some customers are not sure about the project quotation, thinking that there is always water in it, so they try their best to keep the price down. To a certain extent, the construction unit is forced to cut corners, and the customer will suffer in the end. 5、 Look for the construction team randomly. Due to the current chaos in the home decoration market, there are a variety of construction levels, designs, quotations, materials, etc. Therefore, customers looking for different levels of construction teams will have different quotation designs. The reason is that the final construction quality is different. The more construction teams you find, the easier it is to confuse customers. Generally speaking, if you talk with two or three companies, you will get a satisfactory result. 6、 Expect low price and high quality. Some customers do not invest much, but have high requirements for decoration quality. Therefore, unreasonable and excessive requirements are put forward for project quality and materials, resulting in disputes with the construction team and sometimes conflicts. In fact, for any construction team, low price and high quality are impossible. For customers, it is unrealistic to require low price and high quality. 7、 If you have no ability, you have to take care of the work. Some customers didn't consider their own material supply capacity when signing the contract with the construction team. After the commencement, the supply of materials is often delayed, and the types are not complete, causing the construction party to stop waiting for materials and delay the construction period. Moreover, since Party A is a layman in decorative materials, it is easy to see the poor quality of Party A's materials. Therefore, it is best to listen to the opinions of the construction team when Party A provides materials. 8、 Excessive pursuit of construction speed. The construction site of home decoration is narrow, and manual machines and tools cannot be fully deployed; The connection of each process is difficult; Unable to reserve materials &hellip& hellip; A series of difficulties caused the relatively slow progress of home decoration construction. In addition, each process has an effective basic cycle duration. If the progress is overemphasized, the construction quality will inevitably decline. 9、 Concealed works are cheap. In the home decoration negotiation, the customer has done Market Research on the quotation of wood, oil and tile projects, so it is more practical to talk about the price. However, it is difficult to make an accurate investigation on concealed works such as drainage, waterproof and power distribution in the market, and even the reference price in the home decoration market is very general. Therefore, some customers bargain the most in this regard. In fact, it should be reasonable that the quotation of concealed works accounts for 7% to 10% of the total quotation. Otherwise, the construction team may steal hands on this project. In other words, for ordinary home decoration, it is generally reasonable to quote 1000 yuan to 1500 yuan for concealed works of a house. The concealed works of high-end home decoration cost 3500 yuan to 5000 yuan, or even more. If the quotation of the construction team is too low, it is possible that they are weak in this aspect, or steal hands in the construction





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