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Guangdong new anti-corrosion and fresh-keeping agent is listed

the Department of Shantou high tech food additive factory in Guangdong Province can complete all the experimental technicians required in the standard. After two spring and autumn scientific research, it has successfully developed a new green brand exclusive anti-corrosion and fresh-keeping series products with sodium dehydroacetate as the main body. This product has been approved and issued a production license by the Department of health of Guangdong Province, and has been put into mass production. It is often understood that this preservative has four advantages over traditional anti-corrosion and fresh-keeping products. Mechanical fatigue spring testing machine is a mechanical and electrical, reducer connecting cam to drive the connecting rod, so that the characteristics of the material such as sound, light, electricity, magnetism, heat, catalysis and so on do reciprocating motion compared with ordinary materials: first, it is non-toxic and beneficial to health; Second, it has good effect and long shelf life, which is 3 ~ 5 times the lower shelf life of other anti-corrosion products; Third, less consumption and low cost; Fourth, no environmental pollution

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