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New polymer polyols become the industry leading "dark horse"

recently, at the 2009 "Tianjin key technological innovation equipment after arrival project" appraisal meeting of Tianjin Petrochemical 2jc/t547 (2) 005 ceramic tile adhesive, the "new polymer polyols" independently developed by the polyether department was unanimously recognized by polyurethane industry experts. It is reported that there is no report on the development and production of this product in China, and its advent undoubtedly becomes the leading "dark horse that can connect computers" among the high-performance products in this industry

"new polymer polyol" is an innovative project independently developed by the ministry according to the requirements of Japanese automobile to stop the tensile, shear and compression tests of samples and interior trim parts. After nearly a year and a half of specific implementation, its development and application work has been successfully completed in 2009 and has been put into production. "New polymer polyols" can reduce investment and energy consumption and reduce the emission of three wastes. Its product technology level and technical indicators have reached the international advanced level. The car cushions made by it have better elasticity and feel more comfortable, which can extend the polyether industry chain. At present, they are becoming the main demand of Japanese cars and have a broad market space

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