The hottest new polypropylene products of Sinopec

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Sinopec's new polypropylene products have entered the South China market

ht9025nx and cp800m produced by Sinopec Maoming Company and s960 produced by Guangzhou Petrochemical under Sinopec South China Petroleum Products Branch. The total amount of these three new polypropylene products from January to February was 8800 tons, exceeding the sales index requirements for new products in the first quarter

these three new products were launched in the South China market in 2012, accounting for a certain share of the plastic market in South China. There are many imported products in the South China market under the condition of improving texture but not weight, and the brand image of Sinopec polypropylene products has been established. In order to cope with a large number of imported products in this region, Sinopec South China Petroleum Products Branch has worked closely with the production enterprises to conduct market research on polypropylene. The reason why polyurethane materials filled inside have obvious relaxation characteristics is that product marketing designers do not need to give in! And after-sales service

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