The hottest new power generation capacity in Liaon

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Liaoning's newly increased power generation capacity last year made the fourth super clean energy

in recent years, Liaoning has taken many measures to promote the adjustment of energy structure. In 2018, the clean energy power generation capacity of Liaoning Electric Power Co., Ltd. increased rapidly. The new installed capacity of clean energy accounted for 41.30% of the new installed capacity of the whole year, and the total clean energy power generation increased by 23.11% year-on-year

Ma Qian, deputy chief engineer of Guodian Liaoning Electric Power Co., Ltd., said that the power generation capacity of clean energy has been improved, and every effort should be made to improve the utilization rate of clean energy power generation. Liaoning electric power completed the action goal of 95% utilization of wind power in the action plan for clean energy consumption (2012 quarterly trial production year) two years in advance, and the consumption of new energy reached the international advanced level

it is reported that in order to ensure the maximum consumption of clean energy, Liaoning Province, on the one hand, gives full play to the UHV trans regional transmission capacity to realize the trans regional consumption of excess clean energy in the province. In 2018, Liaoning clean energy delivered a total of 3.772 billion kwh to North China. At the same time, Liaoning has also made every effort to promote the wear flexibility technology of valves, oil cylinders, etc. of thermal power units. The communication between the experimental machine and the computer is generally made by using RS232 serial communication method to improve the regulation ability of the power system. By the end of 2018, Liaoning electric power had completed the transformation of 8.32 million KW thermal power units, with a total increase of peak shaving capacity of 2.09 million KW, laying a solid foundation for the development and consumption of clean energy

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