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The new price of paper and plastic packaged salt in Guangdong Province is listed

the price bureau of Guangdong Province approved the official listing of the newly packaged iodized salt from August 1 after consulting few people. At present, the paper plastic packaging salt with the new price has been sold in Qingyuan and other provinces. Let's take a look at the salt packaged in paper and plastic

this new paper plastic packaging salt is the same as the ordinary iodized salt in the old packaging in terms of weight and quality, but the blue paper plastic packaging is matte, and the paper feels thick, making it more upscale. The new package is marked with a new price: the retail price is one yuan and thirty-five yuan, which is three yuan more expensive than ordinary iodized salt. This is also the price stipulated by the provincial Price Bureau (on site: the price of salt newly packaged with paper and plastic is on trial for one year and will be gradually promoted in the province). According to the regulations of the provincial government, during the trial sale of the new packaged salt, the ordinary iodized salt of the original one yuan one package was sold at the same time. Compared with the old packaging, the new paper and plastic packaging is more environmentally friendly, and the anti-counterfeiting function is stronger when selecting the appropriate indicator disk (measuring range) to operate according to the corresponding operating procedures. There is a digital anti-counterfeiting label on the paper and plastic packaging. Consumers can tear it up immediately after purchase, and then dial the relevant number to check the number on the packaging. This new paper plastic packaging salt has not appeared in the Guangzhou market. Reported by liaobirong on Guangzhou TV

The sample will not be impacted

source: Yu Kai, Secretary of the Party committee of China Automotive Technology Research Center of Guangzhou TV station, pointed out in his speech

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