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New plastic packaging solutions boost the sustainable development of the packaging industry

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core tip: according to the latest news, the world is fresh 2 The load sensor wiring is disconnected or the socket is unreliable. The hot plastic packaging solution will appear in Chinaplas International Rubber and plastic exhibition, focusing on the development trend of industry safety, environmental protection, efficiency, lightweight, multifunction and intelligence, and boosting the sustainable innovation and development of packaging enterprises

[China Packaging News] according to the latest news, the global fresh and hot plastic packaging solutions will appear in Chinaplas International Rubber and plastic exhibition, focusing on the development trend of safety, environmental protection, efficiency, lightweight, multifunctional and intelligent in the industry, and boosting the sustainable innovation and development of packaging enterprises

Chinaplas deduces green wind. Biodegradable plastics have a strong development momentum.

orders of extruder enterprises will rise significantly.

the rapid development of industry has greatly improved people's living standards, but it also has serious environmental problems. For packaging products, it is imperative to speed up the development and application of energy-saving and environmental protection technologies and materials. Biodegradable plastics, as environmental friendly plastic products, are becoming a research and development hotspot attracting worldwide attention, and also contain huge business opportunities

ecovio is a high-quality bioplastics with a wide range of uses launched by BASF. Its main application fields are plastic films, such as organic kitchen garbage bags, dual-use bags (first for shopping, then for collecting organic kitchen garbage) or agricultural films. In addition, ecovio can also be used in other compostable packaging solutions, such as shrink film, foam packaging and injection molding products

natureworks, LLC. will exhibit Ingeo biopolymers and their end products. Chinese brands are very interested in innovative and functional materials like Ingeo, which is used in disposable food tableware, plastic bags, fiber textiles, etc

Hongli Biochemical Technology Co., Ltd. will display gribio 100% biodegradable/compostable starch plastic. Unlike traditional plastics, this product takes hundreds to thousands of years to decompose. It can be decomposed into carbon dioxide and water by microorganisms in a few months. Grabio uses renewable resources such as corn starch as raw materials to reduce the consumption of oil and tree resources. When it burns, it does not produce toxic gas, and the amount of heat and carbon dioxide released is far lower than that of traditional plastics, effectively reducing the greenhouse effect

new energy-efficient technologies emerge in endlessly to accelerate the process of packaging automation

China is now short of labor structure, and manufacturing costs have risen sharply. Energy efficient and intelligent technology, which is inseparable from automation, received unprecedented attention at Chinaplas 2016 rubber and plastic exhibition

Yaqi Plastic Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd. newly launched ae-900-ts full electric long stroke bottle blowing machine. The whole process action is driven by Siemens Servo motor and lim Tec translation generator, which brings maximum high-speed repeated operation, low noise, reduced energy consumption, and solves the problem of oil leakage pollution of finished products. Ae-900-ts is a fully automatic model, which can be connected directly for leak detection, filling, labeling and packaging, so as to realize the high-speed automatic production of the whole line

zq-b full-automatic handle bottle blowing machine is newly launched by Ziqiang machinery. The machine is importing bottle blanks, and through the high-precision handle taking and placing device, it can servo position, quickly and accurately place the handle in the mold, and then blow the bottle, so that the bottle body and handle are fully combined to realize the full automatic production of handle bottles

the Elektron full motor series launched by Jiangyin miracron Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. saves 60% of electricity and 90% of water compared with the hydraulic press. Multiple actions are synchronized to achieve the shortest production cycle. The 0.01 mm stroke accuracy ensures the product quality and provides good mold protection. The disqualification rate is low, the repeatability is high, and there is no need to use hydraulic oil

in mold labeling technology is in the ascendant

the future of in mold automotive tire materials: Bio based labeling technology can further optimize the appearance design and anti-counterfeiting function of product packaging, with a higher degree of automation, and has also become a hot technology concerned by brands and packaging enterprises. Shanghai Keming injection molding system technology Co., Ltd. will introduce its 1-out-of-8 in mold labeling at the exhibition. The whole process is automated, and the production, packaging and packaging are integrated. There is no manual operation in the whole process. Ensure the quality of products, sterile and dust-free. At the same time, it saves a lot of time, human resources, energy consumption and resource costs

abog will show the hybrid allrounder with packaging structure for thin-wall applications in the packaging industry. Hidrive series high-performance injection molding machines not only save energy, but also have high productivity. The laminated die with 2 cavities will be applied to IML applications. Compared with the conventional 4-cavity die, the 2-2 cavity laminated die can be applied to machines with smaller sizes by using the lamination technology. The hybrid 570 h with a clamping force of 1.800 kn produces four 200 ml butter containers with a cycle time of 3.2 seconds

the hybrid allrounder injection molding machine with packaging structure

complies with the multifunctional needs of plastic packaging

in recent years, the field of plastic packaging has increasingly favored lightweight materials. For plastic packaging enterprises, it is not a small challenge to not only reduce the weight and thickness of packaging materials, but also maintain the performance and function of the original packaging. Chinaplas exhibitor Xinle Huabao Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. will launch an extrusion casting film machine, which adopts 7-layer coextrusion technology and uses raw materials with different properties in each layer, so as to achieve better puncture resistance, higher tensile strength and impact resistance while reducing the weight of the film, especially for high-speed winding machines in assembly line operation. Experiments have proved that the machine winding film manufactured by this unit is better than ordinary machine winding film, Under the same performance, the weight can be reduced by 20%

As a high barrier material, EVOH has excellent gas resistance, transparency, gloss, mechanical strength, flexibility, wear resistance, cold resistance and surface strength. In food packaging, EVOH's plastic containers can replace glass and metal containers. Kololi international trade will bring EVOH high barrier resin, which provides excellent gas barrier performance and chemical resistance, and can be used in multi-layer structures. Hips primary color and white crushing and reels brought by Carsten plastics Hong Kong Limited, with EVOH lamination, primary color and white are packaged separately, and EVOH accounts for about 15%

more hot new technologies, including polyethylene PE film and biaxially oriented polypropylene PP film materials for flexible packaging, as well as high-speed, computer-controlled full-automatic bag making machine, injection molding machine for food packaging equipment used for high circulation thin parts, 12 meter wide Slitter, injection molding, labeling, taking out, packaging one-time molding system, etc., will be unveiled in Chinaplas 2016

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