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Japan has developed a new polyurethane resin material that will harden in the magnetic field

Yamagata University in Japan recently announced that it has developed a variety of membrane prototypes to control the situation abroad. Its researchers have developed a new material that is usually as soft as rubber, but will become as hard as plastic in the magnetic field. This kind of material is expected to be used to make seismic components, automotive cushioning materials and functional furniture that can disperse human weight

if the research team of Yamagata University in Japan adds diameter 3 to the polyurethane resin, the friction force will increase with time; Micron iron particles, and then use the permanent magnet to create a magnetic field of 300 millitesla (magnetic induction intensity unit). After a tenth of a second, the iron particles will be in a straight line (6) when refueling, be sure to carefully pay attention to the oil level height, so that the rubber material becomes hard. According to the strength of the magnetic field, the hardness of this new material can reach 180 times of the original hardness at most. Previous research has been devoted to the development of similar materials, but its hardness can only reach 3 times the original hardness

the test carried out by Yamagata University research team shows that the rubber cylinder with a diameter of 3.5 cm and a height of 5 cm manufactured by this technology has enough hardness to withstand a pressure of more than 8 tons. After removing the magnetic field for tens of seconds, this material can restore its original softness

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