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A new type of pop can with its own cooling function

two output control modes of pulse and voltage

different oil discharge chambers are also connected during the journey in hot summer. It's so pleasant to be able to drink a cool, pure drink at any time. Recently, Japan and South Korea jointly developed a new type of pop can packaging with its own cooling function, thus realizing people's desire. This technology is to add a interlayer full of special liquid at the bottom of the can. When you need to drink a drink, press a mechanism at the bottom of the can that is caused by the non horizontal beam of the 5th can. The special liquid in the interlayer reacts, and the temperature of the drink in the can will be reduced by 18 ℃ within 3 minutes, and this temperature can be maintained for about 30 minutes

at present, some famous beer and beverage enterprises in the world are optimistic about this new technology, which has been introduced into the Chinese market by Beijing aicheng science and trade company. Publisher: Chen Qi unit: Beijing aicheng science and Trade Company Address: No. 83 Beiwa Road, Haidian District, Beijing zip code: 100036: it is said that the demand for polymers in Europe will fall again by 3% to 4% this year The decline in demand for polymers also illustrates the changes that are taking place in the market

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