Causes and Countermeasures of hidden fire hazards

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With the development of modern science and technology and the improvement of people's living standards, a large number of new building materials are more and more widely used. However, due to the failure to implement the current national design standards and specifications when decorating civil buildings and industrial plants, there are many fire hazards. According to the "fire case analysis" of China Fire Protection Association, the occurrence and development of many building fires are caused by the fire of decoration materials in a certain part, and the combustion performance of indoor decoration materials is one of the important reasons affecting building fires. Therefore, scientific countermeasures should be taken to ensure the fire safety of internal decoration, so as to prevent and reduce the occurrence of building fires from the source

2 causes of hidden fire hazards in interior decoration materials

2.1 problems in design

by hand, the development of China's fire protection industry lags behind the development of the national economy, there is a lack of professional and technical personnel in regional fire protection, and there is a big gap in the understanding and implementation of the current national design fire prevention code among engineering and technical personnel, which fails to deal with the contradiction between decoration effect and use safety, As a result, the interior decoration of the building left fire hazards in the design stage

2.2 problems of the construction unit

due to the impact of economic benefits, coupled with people's weak legal concept of fire protection Many construction units set fire safety against economic benefits, so there are illegal operations and non-compliance with the law, leaving hidden fire hazards. On the other hand, the phenomenon that power is greater than law in real life is also relatively serious. The interference of executive leadership and the influence of the will of the chief executive are eliminated; It is difficult to implement laws and regulations. As a result, there is a gap between the project construction and fire control supervision, and the supervision and management work is not in place, so the potential fire hazards can not be solved

2.3 problems in construction

due to the uneven technical level of the professionals in the decoration construction team, they do not understand the standards, specifications and procedures thoroughly, so there are technical errors caused by the construction not in accordance with the specifications and the design; Some construction units have no fixed professional technicians and subcontract the received decoration works to other companies, or even three or four guarantees, so the quality of decoration works cannot be guaranteed at all; In order to pursue economic benefits and reduce costs, some construction units use low-quality materials for construction or cut corners in the construction process, or arbitrarily reduce the combustion performance grade of decoration materials in the original design position. All these have caused fire hazards to the decorated project

2.4 problems in fire protection institutions

for a long time, the fire safety management work has continued the practice of the planned economic system, and the public security fire protection institutions have been too involved in the specific process of the fire safety management of construction projects. However, due to the incomplete professional support of the public security fire protection institutions and the lack of professional and technical personnel of fire protection, therefore, The public security fire control institutions are unable to manage the building fire control. The consequence is that the management is out of control or the supervision is not deep and detailed in the links from the design review of interior decoration, the supervision and inspection of construction site to the fire acceptance, which leaves many hidden dangers of fire disasters with the changing needs of customers. For example, on April 22nd, 2000, Qingdao fengxu Industry Co., Ltd. Qingzhou branch broiler processing plant caused a catastrophic fire that killed 38 people. After investigation and evidence collection, polyurethane flammable materials used in the ceiling materials in the workshop of the plant were the main cause of the fire accident

3 countermeasures to eliminate fire hazards of interior decoration materials

3.1 establish and implement the fire supervision system

the country has implemented the construction engineering supervision system. As an important part of construction engineering, fire engineering, it is also necessary to establish and implement the fire supervision system. This will play a very important role in improving the construction quality of the project and reducing the technology undertaken by the public security and fire protection institutions. Mind, management means and restriction ability (1)

by implementing the fire supervision system, the public security fire protection institutions can reduce a lot of technical work that they should not undertake, and focus on the macro management of the management market, the standardization of market players, and the rationality, reliability, and progressiveness of the implementation of the fire technical specifications, reflecting the transformation of the government to a small government and a large service. At the same time, the construction units, design units, construction units and fire engineering supervision units can give full play to their technical advantages, talent advantages and management advantages, and play their due role in the fire management of construction projects

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