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New power and new realm: Cummins takes the lead step by step

Cummins takes the lead in reducing emissions and increasing efficiency step by step. The newly introduced Cummins "extremely clean" off-road engine has created a new realm of power for construction machinery, mining and material handling equipment, with a power range of 74 to 400 horsepower (55 to 300 kW), which meets the world's most stringent company to implement ISO9001, iatf16949 and other quality management system off-road emission standards (EU stage V). While achieving extreme cleanliness, the power and torque can be increased by 10%. The first show of new power is scheduled for Bauma Munich (one of the world's largest engineering machinery industry events) Cummins booth (Hall A4 325) in April this year

the 4-cylinder qsf3.8, qsb4.5 series and 6-cylinder QSB6.7, qsl9 series of Cummins stage V non road "ultra clean" new power can give full play to the inherent potential of the engine system by carrying out a new round of innovation on the in cylinder combustion, intake and exhaust and fuel system. When the test pieces on the experimental machine deviate from the experimental axial force, there is no need to expand the displacement, which can meet customer needs such as easy installation, easy maintenance and fast response, Set a new benchmark for the industry. Compared with the post-treatment device of the previous stage (the fourth stage in Europe and America: stage IV and Tier 4 final), the installation size can be saved by 50% and the weight can be reduced by 30%, providing a better choice for compact engineering equipment operating in a narrow space. This single module post processor not only has a small and precise structure, but also can remove 99% of particles and reduce nitrogen oxide (NOx) to the limit value

Cummins is about to meet the heavy-duty off-road engine qsg12 (maximum power 512 HP, 382 kW) and qsx15 series (maximum power 675 HP, 503 kW) of stage v. it will continue to maintain the advantages of four stages of power and torque storage, and the post-treatment system will also remain the same. It will continue to use diesel particulate filter and selective catalytic reduction system (dpf-scr), providing the most ideal The most convenient power guarantee

Cummins emission treatment system launched an innovative "all-around elf" single module (single moduletm), which provides a one-step emission solution for upgrading stage V of non road medium horsepower engines. Compared with the four-stage post-treatment products, the stage V monomer module has a more compact structure, with a 50% reduction in installation space and a 30% reduction in weight. One of the tricks is to use a spiral urea decomposition chamber known as a "highly dense mixed discharge container", which is jointly developed by Cummins discharge and treatment system and Faurecia emission control technology company. While improving the urea atomization level, Minimize the risk of urea deposition and make the conversion efficiency of nitrogen oxides higher (into harmless nitrogen and water). The stage V single module adopts advanced packaging technology to realize the single barrel integrated design, which is conducive to reducing back pressure, reducing weight, facilitating installation, improving emissions and diagnostic effectiveness; Through the passive regeneration of diesel particulate filter, the demand for preventive cleaning and maintenance is reduced to the greatest extent. The product is durable and easy to maintain, and users are more worried; Through the combination of selective catalytic reducer (SCR) and UL2 urea injection system to improve material utilization, the urea atomization effect is better. Moreover, there are many options for the length of the stage V single module, which corresponds to the complexity and diversity of the off-road market and can meet the installation needs of different engines

at the Cummins booth (Hall A4 325) in Bauma Munich, Cummins emission treatment system will display a full range of stage V off-road aftertreatment products, including "all-around elf" single module TM, which are applicable to a wider range of engines