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New polyamide 6 enters the field of film blown food flexible packaging

Royal DSM group of the Netherlands announced that its 2. Performance characteristics modified polyamide akulon? XS was officially launched in the Chinese market, which is expected to promote the development of polyamide 6 in the field of food flexible packaging made by film blowing process

on September 17, 2015, the company held a new product launch for customers and enterprises in Jinji Lake, Suzhou

thanks to its improved crystallization performance, all experimental operations of akulon can be automatically completed on the computer through the mouse. The processing window of XS is wider, which provides new design possibilities for multi-layer coextrusion film and single-layer film structure

plastic processing enterprises found that after using this new material, the production process has been significantly improved. Jiahe industry (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. is one of the companies that adopted this technology earlier in China. Ms. Gao Xuewen, general manager of the company, said: "the cooperation with DSM has deepened our understanding of customers and helped us develop new business opportunities, which ensure our current and future business growth levels."

with the public's increasing awareness of reducing food waste and extending product shelf life, the demand for special barrier film for food flexible packaging began to show a continuous upward trend. Nowadays, most diaphragm products are coextruded through film blowing production lines, so 7-layer, 9-layer and even 11 layer membrane structures belong to common grades. This cost-effective advanced technology effectively combines barrier, printability, sealing and impact resistance

polyamide 6 (PA6) has good barrier performance and mechanical strength. Lu aiyang, manager of Ningbo Economic and Technological Development Zone southeast corrosion protection Co., Ltd., has taken over the repair of some polyurea waterproof layers. It is one of the ideal raw materials for the production of such films. However, the high crystallization rate of polyamide 6 will limit its processing window. Therefore, processors need to make concessions in terms of production efficiency, or improve processing performance by mixing polyamide 6 with special amorphous polyamide or polyamide copolymer with higher price. In this way, the advantages of this kind of film in high cost performance will be greatly reduced

akulon XS developed by DSM solves this problem

compared with traditional polyamide 6, akulon XS has a much slower crystallization rate in the membrane bubble, which provides a larger operating space for processors in terms of processing conditions. In addition, it has better lifting property in the membrane bubble, so the expansion ratio is increased and the membrane bubble is more stable, and the possibility of forming wrinkles is reduced. It can be achieved without mixing with a large number of polyamide copolymers or amorphous polyamides

the slow crystallization rate also means that most of the crystallization process takes place at a lower temperature - which is a necessary condition for the formation of more smaller size crystals, that is, to reduce the haze. By using akulon XS on the surface of the multilayer film, the processor can make the haze of the film less than 15% without mixing a large amount of amorphous polyamide

akulon XS has the same terminal crystallization level as polyamide 6, so it has good mechanical strength and durability. Compared with the traditional hybrid solution, the new solution has better thermoplasticity, which provides more possibilities to reduce the thickness of polyamide film in multilayer films

with the help of akulon XS, film blowing enterprises can produce food flexible packaging in a simpler and more cost-effective way, giving full play to the unique barrier and mechanical properties of high-performance polyamide 6 materials

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