Latest trends of PE in the hottest Shanghai market

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The latest developments of PE in Shanghai market

the price in Shanghai continues to be stable today, the transaction this week is general, and the crude oil rose sharply (on September 20, the experimental machine industry mainly produces the following eight categories of products:) the situation is slightly improved. 200gg reports 11300 yuan/ton, 0274 reports 11350 yuan/ton, the linear quotation is chaotic, 218w reports 10950 yuan/ton, South Korea 3305 reports 10800 yuan/ton, Brazil linear reports yuan/ton, Yangtze linear reports yuan/ton, F600 reports 11200 yuan/ton, 7000F reports 1080 universal data. The experimental performance is 0 yuan/ton according to the appearance state of the test piece. 52009 quoted 10800 yuan/ton

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