Latest trends of the hottest Styrene Market in Asi

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Latest developments in the Asian Styrene Market

on Wednesday, the market price of styrene in Asia rose by $15/ton. However, this is not an obvious sign of market strength. The market fluctuates frequently. At the opening of the market, supported by the strong Asian pure benzene market, the styrene market atmosphere was active. Gold Medical: participating catheter. But later, the market appeared to be in a downturn, and the reason why market participants took the attitude of short selling was not clear. The offer price is 900 US dollars/ton (FOB Korea/cfr China). The transaction price of 3000 tons of goods in the second half of January is 910 US dollars/ton (FOB Korea). It is reported that the transaction price in the first half of January was 920 US dollars/ton (FOB South Korea). The price of an offer in any month is 930 US dollars/ton (FOB Korea), but the buyer has no clear inquiry without the statement of scientific unification

1. In August 2015, traders showed their interest in purchasing goods in the first half of February at US $900/ton FOB South Korea. The prices in the first half of February and the second half of January are basically at the same price, but there is a delivery delay fee between the goods in the first and second half of January. CFR price is basically at the same level as FOB South Korea price

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