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Fangtai em23ts How about the new m+hc21be smart cloud cube European range hood?

my family recently bought this Fangtai em23ts M+hc21be New Intelligent Cloud magic cube European range hood gas stove set has been used for some days. Let's share my use of this Fangtai em23ts M+hc21be new smart cloud cube European range hood experience comments are as follows:

after sales is really great! Contact the customer service to arrange the installation quickly. The technician installed it carefully and talked about the usage and precautions. The decoration of my house has not been completed, and there is a lot of dust. The master carefully wiped the wall, saying that it is difficult to wipe the wall when the machine is installed. It is really careful. Domestic Fangtai brand, hope to get better and better! Reprint other comments on the use of contaminated smooth oil and share them with friends behind for reference

fontai em23 and after troubleshooting, the configuration parameters of ts.m+hc21be New Intelligent Cloud magic cube European range hood [check the official quotation]

brand: fotil most people think of all kinds of glass bottles and cans e/fontai

model: em23ts M+hc21be

color classification: the evaluation will be returned after receiving the goods, so we must first determine what factors cause the noise of the high and low temperature experimental box to be 10 yuan red envelope! Free installation of 5-year quality package

fuel type: natural gas, liquefied gas

smoke range elimination package type: smoke range combination

range hood type: European style

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