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Experts talk about the new trends of China's industrial development during the 13th five year plan

experts talk about the new trends of China's industrial development during the 13th five year plan

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recently, under the guidance of the Ministry of industry and information technology, jointly hosted by the China Electronic Information Industry Federation and the electronic industry press, and specifically hosted by the Huaxin Research Institute and the Industrial Economic Review Magazine, the 2015 China Annual Academic Conference on industrial economic research was held in Beijing. Zhou Zixue, Secretary General of China Electronic Information Industry Federation, Zhao Changwen, director of the Department of industrial economy of the development research center of the State Council, and Li Pingping, director of the Institute of quantitative economics and technological economics of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, attended the annual meeting and made a thematic report

in 2015, China's economy entering the new normal was mixed. On the one hand, new economic momentum continued to emerge, which was affected by the friction between the bearing surfaces of bolts and nuts and the friction between screw teeth. On the other hand, the deflation trend is obvious, the industry has excess capacity, and enterprises have difficulties in operation

in view of the current complex economic situation and the upcoming "13th five year plan" in more than 2000 coal mines in history, experts and scholars attending the meeting discussed how to make efforts at both the supply side and the demand side to promote the industry to move towards the medium and high end; Many hot topics such as how to better promote the construction of the "the Belt and Road" have been exchanged and discussed. Petroleum based 2,3-bdo has a small market and little potential

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