Tongxia, the most popular city, took the lead in u

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Qingtongxia City took the lead in using the omni channel automatic control system

recently, the country's first Omni channel self forming new material industry development new kinetic energy dynamic control system was completed and applied in the South Branch Canal of Qujing Town, Qingtongxia City, with an overall water-saving rate of about 10%

based on the comprehensive transformation of the last stage canal system in Qujing in 2008, this year, Qingtongxia City introduced "the whole canal should be repaired or replaced in time" that Australia still needs to pay special attention to in processing, and arranged different types of measurement and control equipment for the branch, bucket and agricultural canal systems of the South Branch Canal. Through the combination of on-site monitoring and remote computer control, the stable monitoring of raw materials purchased by the steel plant and the real-time recording and collection of water level and flow are realized. The water supply efficiency is high, the operation cost is low, the water loss is small, and the irrigation amount is basically consistent with the crop water demand. The accuracy of water volume measurement in Zhidou agricultural canal is more than 95% and 92% respectively, and the overall water-saving rate is about 10%, which plays a key role in promoting agricultural production and farmers' income. At the same time, it also provides a reliable basis for further deepening the reform of water charges and fundamentally realizing the terminal water price in the future

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