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Evaluate the new 360 streaming media rearview mirror 1440p HD recording dash cam M320, OK?

360 dash cam new recommendation: 360 dash cam M320 new car carries front and rear dual recording HD Night Vision Wireless panoramic camera reverse image, this is the latest, the screen size is 9.35 inches, the memory size is running memory: 256MB, camera pixel: 4million, Let's take a look at the real use experience evaluation of this 360 dash cam M320

360 dash cam relying on years of technology, some customers said that the real use evaluation of the meter M320:

360 dash cam M320 let's talk about the use view: buy a car to the shore durometer measurement principle: now there has been no dash cam, searched for a long time and found that the brand of 360 is good. I originally wanted to buy monkeyking, but I found that the price is expensive. After hesitating for a few days, I found that 360 had this new model, which was very good. This 360 dash cam should be right at this price, with high cost performance. If the parking state is clear, it is still difficult to see the license plate during driving. I bought it and ran it by myself. The difficulty increased by 40000 yuan/ton year-on-year. It's easy to walk if it's not high. If the accident is used as supporting evidence, it is certainly no problem. It is relatively dark at night and good during the day. The speed measurement reminder is better not to be too accurate. For the anti-collision emergency video, I suggest turning off the deceleration belt and recording it or turning it down by inspiration

price: the price of this 360 dash cam M320 in tmall and is about ¥ 349 00, there will be a lot of discounts when buying during the event. If you need friends, check the latest quotation of tmall; Check the latest quotation of

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