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If you want to decorate the house, you must carry out carpentry construction, and its construction effect directly affects the decoration effect of the house. But is everyone really clear about such an important woodworking construction process? And will you really do the woodworking acceptance after the construction? Do you know what the acceptance standard is? I don't know Then look down quickly

1. Woodworking construction technology

(1) wooden floor: the decoration of wooden floor is more exquisite in woodworking construction technology. Due to the variety of wood floors, the woodworking construction technology is also different. If it is a glued board, we should first level the concrete structure with mortar when decorating; If it is a solid floor, a wooden ridge should be made at the base to achieve the effect of sound reduction and heat insulation

(2) wooden doors and windows: the construction technology of this type of carpentry also changes according to the type of doors and windows. Generally speaking, if it is a flat open wooden door and window, we should make a position line after determining the installation position, and then we should arrange the door and window frame according to the position and fix it a little. Then we need to use tools to calibrate and straighten the door and window frame in Jining, and then firmly fix it. Finally, we make a hinge slot with it

(3) wooden dado: snapping lines and grading on the wall is the first step of this woodworking construction process. We should fix the wooden grating and wooden bricks here. Then nail the wooden cushion block, base plate and wooden grating at one time. We should pay attention to leveling when making wooden wainscots. For example, each wooden batten must be roughly similar

2. Woodworking acceptance standards

woodworking acceptance standards vary according to different woodworking projects. Now let's talk about woodworking acceptance standards in the above order

(1) wooden floor: the surface flatness is the most basic one in the woodworking acceptance standard. In addition, the paint surface of the wooden floor should not be damaged, there is no hollowing in the middle, and the height difference between each other should not be greater than 0.6mm

(2) wooden doors and windows: the woodworking acceptance standards of wooden doors and windows include that the gap between the door frame and the wall should not be too large, and the filling should be full and uniform; The installation position and direction should be consistent with the design drawings; The quality and specification of the selected wood should meet the requirements, and the moisture content should not exceed 12%

(3) wooden wainscot: in this part of the woodworking acceptance standard, the wooden wainscot should have no difference in size, pattern, color, etc. in addition, it should have a good touch without falling brush




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