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Space model | exclusive interview with designer Huang Hao, endowing the works with humanistic significance

space model | exclusive interview with designer Huang Hao, endowing the works with humanistic significance

New Chinese style, is to reinterpret China's traditional culture in the context of the new era, which is not only a kind of inheritance, but also an innovation, changing people's stereotype of Chinese style, and using modern methods to show the new charm of ancient culture. Both furniture accessories and design styles extract classic elements and simplify and enrich them, making them more concise and elegant

how to express the new Chinese style? What kind of layout can be more relaxed and natural? On February 8th, 2017, CCTV-2's "space model -- feeling the vitality of traditional culture" made an interpretation of this. For this reason, we also interviewed Huang Hao, the founder of Jiabo Yishang Grand View Shanghe Design Institute, the design director and creative director of Grand View Shanghe, to hear his views on the application of new Chinese style in his 11 year design career

can you briefly introduce yourself

Huang Hao: I'm from Jiujiang, Jiangxi Province. I went to Beijing to study at University in 2005. In 2007, I established my own design team. After 13 years of investigation, I chose the Developing City Xiangyang, Hubei, and once again established my own new design team. In the past 11 years, almost all designs have been based on Chinese style. In interior design, "modern Chinese style" has become a common practice. However, it is impossible to show the connection with the past and the outlook for the future just by gathering the elements of traditional forms

(designer Huang Hao)

have you formed a set of your own design concept? What does design mean to you? What concept have you always adhered to in design

Huang Hao: for so many years, I have been following Chinese traditional culture. Over the past five thousand years, Chinese culture contains a lot of very rich things, especially in different fields, different spaces and human performance. And Chinese style itself is more implicit and noble, implicit and noble, elegant and low-key. So a design concept that has been practiced for so many years is to "adhere to the combination of man and nature."

so how to design nature around people? What I summed up is "the unity of heaven and man". This is a very high realm, which requires designers to keep following. Basically, my design concept is to combine human and nature and integrate heaven and man. No matter what is designed, it has its humanistic significance

(one of Huang Hao's design works)

Where is the design inspiration of your work? How can I keep an endless stream of design inspiration

Huang Hao: my design inspiration is generally from Chinese traditional culture. Whether it is new Chinese style or classical Chinese style, all inspiration comes from Chinese history and culture. Because Chinese culture is broad and profound, and there are many historical stories, which can provide me with a steady stream of design inspiration. I especially like a sentence in the book of changes, "the heaven is healthy, and the gentleman is constantly striving for self-improvement; the terrain is Kun, and the gentleman carries things with virtue". In fact, many people know that self-improvement and virtue carry things, but where it comes from, how to present it in the work, turn the text into a body, and let people feel the charm, so as to make the work have vitality. In this way, such works can make customers feel very valuable

(Huang Hao's design works, the wall uses casarocass series belo (white))

usually in the design, are there any design elements that you prefer? Can you talk about them in combination with specific products

Huang Hao: as a designer, I pursue a sense of existence and mission, integrating some of my favorite elements. Generally, I like to use simple elements in my design. For example, the products of orshino Casaro series are simple and full of style. For example, the Cass Series has many similarities with my case in gray, black and brown. It reflects the combination of man and nature. When combined with my works, it can better reflect the "unity of heaven and man". So in these series, I especially like CASS, Carmo and Cato

(casarocass Series)

what is your standard for evaluating the quality of a design? How do you understand the word "design"

Huang Hao: it is difficult to have an indicator to define good or bad in designing it, because everyone has different ideas. So for me, it's the work I designed. After the owner accepts it, he can feel his heartfelt happiness. This is a good work. Because a good designer is not just a simple design, but to let customers feel that his life will change because of your design

use a phrase to describe your career

Huang Hao: there is a saying called "deep roots make leaves flourish". Take a simple example, bamboo. When bamboo was just planted, you can't see its growth, but it injects all the nutrients into its roots. When a certain time comes, it can grow to two meters, or even three meters. I think this phrase can best describe my career. I have requirements for myself, that is, I hope my culture and technology will continue to mature, and when I grow up, it will be faster and more convenient for me to develop on the design road in the future

Tadao Ando, the world architect, once said, "the so-called tradition is not the visible body, but the spirit that supports the body. I believe that it is the true intention of inheriting tradition to absorb this spirit and apply it in modern times. " Taking this as an admonition, the real "beauty of Chinese style" can only inject vitality into space with the help of the power of the field itself and the specific techniques of geometric figures in the acceptance of culture, in the sense of aesthetic feeling, and in the world of light and shadow. It is designed for the "unity of heaven and man"

example in space, life in design. If you want to watch more applications of Chinese space cases, please pay attention to the "space example" broadcast on CCTV-2 every Wednesday night, and Ou Shennuo ceramics will enjoy the beauty of ceramic tile applications with you




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