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core tips | in addition to ensuring quality, the most important thing is to save money. As a working class, it is the king to install the best house at the lowest cost. So, how can we save as much money as possible for decoration while ensuring the same use experience? Take a look at our recommended money saving strategies

do not hire professional designers, save design fees

when doing decoration design, we must carefully consider all links, try to confirm in advance, and avoid modifying in the process of home decoration, resulting in some unnecessary waste. In order to increase the cost, some designers and home decoration companies encourage consumers to increase many impractical additions, so we must pay attention to the design and advocate simple and practical design principles. Simple home decoration can not only reduce waste, but also reduce pollution, because the more home decoration materials are used, the higher the degree of pollution

Xiao Li just finished installing his house recently. In order to save money, he didn't look for a professional designer to design. Instead, he studied online and learned from others' experience in decoration, including design, hard decoration, soft decoration, material purchase and other knowledge, so that the design fee can be saved

next, find the construction team that clears the package. You can also find it online. It's still based on the reputation of the construction team. Quantify all the work quantities that can be calculated. At the same time, ask them to write clearly in the contract. If there is an excess, how to deal with it, so as to avoid increasing a lot of extra budgetary expenses

at the same time, spend time studying materials, especially the price and service of materials, and combine Internet access with market comparison

finally, when purchasing materials, we can provide installation, and let the material supplier install as much as possible, such as waterway, circuit, floor, ceiling, bathroom, cabinet, etc., which can save a lot of money. At the same time, because the material supplier installs more, it is relatively professional, at least the workers will not idle away

save money in the off-season use the concept of off-season decoration

the time of off-season decoration is different in different regions. At this time, businesses will fight a price war, and the final winner of the price war has always been consumers. Now some manufacturers often fight price wars at any time, which is exactly what we want. For example, in the war of air-conditioning prices, we should resolutely import goods and save as much as we can

try to shop online, the simpler the better

in the interview, Xiao Li showed that he was very satisfied with the home decoration materials used at home. He said: "the main materials must be bought by yourself, and the price choice is suitable for you. There is no need to have a famous brand. In fact, the effect is also similar. You can buy things like dressers, vegetable basins, shower heads, hardware faucets and so on online, which can be a little cheaper than the actual price. These things in my family are all online shopping, and the quality is needless to say, they are super cheap, but it is best not to save too much, which will reduce your overall level."

the simpler the decoration, the fewer projects, the less money, and the more environmentally friendly. Note: simplicity does not mean no effect. The effect is what every one of us hopes to get. Home is our destination. We hope to be pleasing to the eyes, comfortable, safe, environmentally friendly and healthy. If there are fewer projects, environmental protection will be better

do it yourself

Xiao Li said that saving money requires more effort, more thought, more walking and more watching. 1. Some jobs can be done by yourself if the technical content is not too high, such as pasting wallpaper, painting, latex paint, installing cabinet doors, etc; 2. Go and see more, go to the material market more, and buy things with good quality at special prices. For example, there are not many floors left, and bricks sold at a discount are the same. Also, for example, lamps and sanitary ware, choose samples to buy, because if they are placed outside, although they are not brand new, it is the same to wash and wipe them back, which can save 30% - 50% of the price; 3. Some things can be made by yourself. If you like, you can make some decorative lights, bead curtains, tablecloths, small bookshelves and other things by yourself. Although it takes time and labor, it is very fulfilling! Search online or see something in the mall, you can write it down, come back to buy materials and do it! 4. You can also give full play to your creativity. Go to the junk market and spend dozens of yuan to buy something with good raw materials. Come back to renovate the paint or cloth surface, and buy your favorite cloth to make a set of covers, which can be completely new, which is both environmental protection and money saving

centralized procurement

centralized procurement, strive for concessions. If you buy some similar goods from the owner and the west, you may not even get the most basic discount. From a commercial point of view, businesses, whether selling or not, have costs, so it doesn't make much difference to earn more or less. The key is to sell more. Most of them are willing to give more discounts to bulk customers


if it is a secondary decoration, you want to save money and spend carefully in basic decoration. For example, the doors and windows of the house can be reused. The original doors and windows are made of good materials, and the materials may be better than the new ones, but the style is a little out of date. You can restore these doors and windows to youth by simply repainting them. In this way, the cost of demolition is also saved

tips for netizens to save money

water and electricity transformation and floor heating test

water and electricity transformation should be planned by themselves, requiring them to slot in a straight line. I watched them draw lines and slotted them all according to the lines. Each item should be checked and accepted by yourself. The pressure test of the water pipe after the water pipe is discharged is also very important. During the test, everyone must be present, and the test time should be at least 30 minutes. If conditions permit, it is best to take an hour. The test can be passed only after 10 kg of pressure is applied and there is no reduction at last. After the ground heating pipe is paved, the pressure must be measured according to the regulations, and the backfilling can be carried out only after confirming that there is no pressure leakage, otherwise wait for crying


at present, the cheapest price for waterproof by the construction unit is about 80 yuan/square meter. Painting waterproof is actually a very simple thing. If the owner is careful enough, this work can be completed by himself. Be sure to test the water after waterproof

turn down B05 version

connect B04 version

ceramic tiles and wall paint

what can be saved by plastering is ceramic tiles. Before home decoration, it is necessary to clarify how many years the decoration is expected to take. If you plan to redecorate in five years, then you don't have to be so expensive when selecting materials. If you choose ceramic tiles on this premise, you don't need to choose ones costing hundreds of yuan per square meter. Some bricks costing 50 or 60 yuan are also of good quality. They can also meet people's visual requirements in terms of aesthetics, so you can save a lot of money

many owners don't know how to calculate the materials before decoration. The prices of home decoration materials used vary from high to low, and in the end, when they have no money, they make do with it. Be sure to calculate carefully before buying materials. For example, when buying tiles, arrange tiles according to the existing size of the room. Use the length and width of the room to remove the size of the existing materials, because the tiles are also divided into different sizes. The closer the result is to an integer, the more money it saves. For example, a three meter × In a 5-meter room, 500 cm bricks are basically whole bricks. There is no need to cut bricks for splicing, which is equivalent to saving money

for another example, when tiling in the bathroom, people always want to make a waistline, which will be more beautiful. But the waistline is often very expensive. In fact, using your brain and changing ideas can also have the same effect. You can change the tiles at the door of the bathroom into other colors, such as black, gold, etc., which can also highlight the jumping effect of the whole wall and save a lot of money

some people like the smooth texture of marble, but because marble does not contain construction, light materials are very expensive, and the budget does not allow. So instead of using polished quartz bricks, each 80cm brick can be from dozens to more than 100 yuan, which of course saves a lot of money

in home life, people have the most frequent contact with the ground, so the choice of ground materials should pay particular attention to quality. Whether it is the floor tiles of bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens and bathrooms, it is best to choose big brand and good products. And the coating of metope and the wall brick of kitchen and bathroom can choose general brand. Since the ground has only one face and the facade has four faces, this choice can save a lot of money. Buy latex paint, regardless of whether it's five in one or three in one. Whether it's the second generation or the third generation, you can buy ordinary goods of more famous brands. Why do you say that? Because I think they are not very different. Now many problems with latex paint are caused by excessive mixing of water. No matter how good the material is mixed with more water, its properties are worse than ordinary goods


cabinet is a relatively expensive aspect of home decoration. The cupboard in the kitchen should be easy to clean and strong, and some important factors should be investigated when choosing. Now most of the popular ones on the market are plates or solid wood plates, which are characterized by simple assembly. But sometimes it is easy to deform, and the price is usually calculated according to the linear meter when buying, ranging from hundreds of yuan/linear meter to thousands of yuan/linear meter. In fact, considering environmental protection, durability and other factors, we can also use the traditional method - brick. Use red bricks to build the bottom platform, and paste tiles after building. Lay thick granite on the table, more than 1.5 cm. Moreover, there are no dead corners in such cabinets, cockroaches will be reduced, and they are not afraid of blisters when washed with water in use. In this way, 4000 yuan is basically enough, which is thousands to tens of thousands of yuan cheaper than buying cabinets


if your carpentry uses oil mixing, you can use white wood veneer, which is a very cheap material. Although its surface is rough, it is also a style. How much does it save? White wood is half cheaper than red beech. This kind of money saving method saves much more money than running around "panning for gold" without knowing it

the carpenter's door pocket and the plasterer's tiling also need to cooperate. When folding the door pocket, we should consider whether the floor below (either side of the floor on both sides of the door) should also be tiled, because if the door pocket is nailed before tiling, it will be wrapped to the floor. When using cement in the future, if the cement and the door pocket are stained, it will lead to water absorption and mildew of the door pocket wood


there are many kinds of doors at present, including solid wood doors, solid wood modeling doors, composite doors, paint free doors, cladding doors, etc. As an ordinary family, paper core door is OK. The paper core door has a great bearing capacity and good sound insulation effect, which is basically about a few hundred yuan. And in the second decoration, the door is polished directly with sandpaper and sprayed with paint, which is the same as the new one


if there are stairs at home, you can choose to use marble as the stairs. Find a shop that makes iron art and choose the handrails and colors of stairs according to your preferences. This can save a lot of expenses

sanitary ware

choose the store to buy sanitary ware such as bathtub, face pool and toilet when doing activities, and purchase the shower shower, toilet and bathroom cabinet as a whole, which can save considerable expenses. If you are not particular about it, try not to choose a very famous brand

bathroom ceiling

there is no need to buy high price aluminum gusset plates in the bathroom. The effect of very cheap aluminum gusset plates is far better than that of PVC. No matter how much money you spend, you can't see a significantly different effect. When buying aluminum gusset plate, pay special attention to the keel rather than the aluminum gusset plate itself (the goal of aluminum gusset plate is too large to be easy to do hands and feet). The keel is very important

chandeliers, curtains, pendants

in installation





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