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Chen Shiduo, a famous doctor in the Qing Dynasty, once said in his "this innovation series":ldquo; Cnidium monnieri has quite strange functions. Both inside and outside can be treated, and external treatment is particularly good& rdquo; So do you know the side effects of Fructus Cnidii? Now let's introduce the side effects of Fructus Cnidii. Let's go and have a look

side effects of Cnidium monnieri

1. When decocting drugs with Cnidium monnieri, the drug gas is strong, the dose is large, and you feel internal heat. If you are too close, it is easy to produce side effects such as nausea

2. This drug is dependent. If taken for a long time, the skin will become very fragile

3. Avoid taking it if there is damp heat in the lower coke, or the kidney Yin is insufficient, the phase fire is easy to move, and the essence is not firm

4. Notes to materia medica classic: “ Evil peony, Croton, Fritillaria& rdquo;

5. Herbal Classics: “ Do not take it if there is fire in the kidney and heat in the lower part& rdquo;

6. This sutra meets the original: “ The kidney fire is easy to move, and those with strong Yang and unstable menstruation should not take it& rdquo;

effect of Fructus Cnidii

the nature and taste of Fructus Cnidii belong to the meridians: pungent, bitter, warm. Return to kidney meridian

effects of Fructus Cnidii: warming the kidney and helping Yang, dispelling wind, drying dampness and killing insects. Indications of Cnidium monnieri: it can cure impotence in men, wet itching in scrotum, itching in women, cold infertility in uterus, rheumatism and arthralgia, scabies and wet sores

Fructus Cnidii can warm the kidney and strengthen Yang, dispel wind, relieve itching, dry dampness and kill insects. It is used for female infertility due to cold and dampness in the uterus, vaginal itching, swelling and pain, rheumatism and arthralgia, wet sores and scabies, and male impotence and scrotal wet itching

Fructus Cnidii can cure red leucorrhea, and Trichomonas vaginalis can be fried and washed with water. Fructus Cnidii is hard-working and warm in nature, warming the kidney and strengthening yang to treat impotence. Itchy eczema, scabies and scabies, exterminated by extermination

Ben Jing: housewives have swelling and pain in the Yin, men have Yin flaccid, wet and itchy, remove Bi Qi, benefit joints, epilepsy, and evil trauma

"bielu": being warm and low spirited makes women and children dirty and hot. Men are Yin strong and good color, which makes people have children

theory of medicinal properties: treat men and women with deficiency, dampness, toxic wind, persistent pain, and remove men's low back pain. Bathing men's Yin, getting rid of the cold, greatly benefiting Yang. The main wind itches, boiling soup and bathing. Treat tooth pain and eclampsia in children

rihuazi materia medica: treat sudden cold, warm the husband's Yang, help the woman's Yin, pounce on blood stasis, waist and crotch pain, Yin sweat wet ringworm, stubborn arthralgia in limbs, red leucorrhea, shrink stool& rsquo;

preparation of herbal medicine: apply sore, relieve itching, and wash the itch

effect of Fructus Cnidii

1. Treatment of infertility

Fructus Cnidii can increase sex hormones, both male and female. Both male and female infertility can be treated. "Compendium of Materia Medica" records its ability “ Warm the husband's Yang Qi and help the woman's Yin Qi ”. It can not only treat male sexual dysfunction, impotence and premature ejaculation, but also treat female sexual dysfunction and infertility with epimedium and antler tablets, and can be used equally with Morinda officinalis and Eucommia ulmoides. If you feel a large internal fire, you can use it with raw land and Ophiopogon japonicus to balance cold and heat

2. Anti allergy

Cnidium monnieri has anti allergy effect and can treat allergic diseases, such as eczema, prurigo, urticaria, etc., but the syndrome differentiation of these skin diseases is blood heat and damp heat, so Cnidium monnieri needs to be used with anti allergy and anti allergy traditional Chinese medicine that clears heat and cools blood, such as Scutellaria baicalensis, Cortex Moutan, radix rehmanniae, etc

Cnidium monnieri can not only resist allergy, but also relax smooth muscle spasm, so it can treat asthma, which is the same as epimedium and Scutellaria baicalensis. The effect of Fructus Cnidii on asthma has not attracted clinical attention

3. Antiasthmatic and expectorant

Total Coumarins of Fructus Cnidii have the antispasmodic effect of directly dilating bronchi, which may be achieved by exciting P receptors. Total coumarins from Fructus Cnidii have strong expectorant effect. The research shows that Cnidium monnieri has a strong bronchodilator effect. Cnidium monnieri can increase the pulmonary perfusion flow of guinea pigs, and its effect is stronger than aminophylline. Total Coumarins of Cnidium monnieri are gavaged to guinea pigs, It can prolong the attack time of asthma in guinea pigs caused by histamine phosphate and acetylcholine chloride. In vitro experiments show that total coumarin of Fructus Cnidii has a strong antagonistic effect on histamine induced tracheal contraction in isolated guinea pigs. The above effects can be blocked by propranolol and have no effect on heart rate and blood pressure of anesthetized animals, suggesting that total coumarin of Fructus Cnidii may selectively excite &beta on bronchial smooth muscle; 2 receptor, which can produce antispasmodic and antiasthmatic effects. The total coumarin of Fructus Cnidii can significantly increase the excretion of phenol red by gavage in mice, suggesting that this product has a strong expectorant effect

4. Kill Trichomonas vaginalis

the extract of this product has the effect of killing Trichomonas vaginalis in vitro and has inhibitory effect on a variety of fungi

traditionally, it is mainly used to treat Trichomonas, mold infection, etc., and it is mainly used to treat fumigation and washing

5. Antifungal effect

osthol, bergamot lactone and isosaxiferin have strong activity against tinea mentagrophytes in vitro; Zanthoxyl has significant antifungal effect

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