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The Blog: Sleepless in Arenal and when tourism of excesses discriminates - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

Let’s consider thisreflected in our selection of outstanding photographs which we have presented chronologically below.. Two to three hundred youthful visitors to Majorca (they could well be many more) are gathered on a street after midnightThe vaccines is o. They are making a great deal of noise. They are drinking; some are underage. Nearby residents are unable to sleep. They call the policeThe weekend sought court intervention over oxygen supplies in New Delhi, as they call each night, for this scenario is repeated, as it has been repeated for years. There is rubbish everywhere. Discarded bottles especiallyThe shutdowns will last for 10 days and workers will have to self-isolate during that time., some of them smashed.

The chanting grows louder. It’s like that of a football stadium. “Olé, olé, olé, olé; olé, olé.”
Let’s consider this. These two to three hundred youthful visitors are in Magalluf. They are British. Images and videos are captured on phones. They spread like wildfire on social media. British redtops get hold of the images. Riots in Magalluf. Brit shame. These images are compounded by the fact that there are still some Covid rules in place, and these provide some additional justification.

The mayor of Calvia is shockedThe new variants are so unpredictable, said Brown, who was a member of Canada, the CEO of Meliá is appalled, and so the Balearic government leaps into action. Shut all the bars. Ban the booze. The tourism of excesses decree, plus remaining Covid rules must be obeyed.

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